The Top Holiday Promotions for Your Barbershop This Season

A barber takes his time cutting his client's hair as he considers the holiday promotions he should run this holiday season.

The Top Holiday Promotions for Your Barbershop
How to Maximize Your Profits this Holiday Season

The stockings are almost hung, the hot chocolate is warming up, and somewhere, Rudolph’s red nose has already started glowing. Yep, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, barbering pros–the holiday season. 

And while many of us (the NAOB team, for example) are thinking about how much eggnog we can get away with every day before the new year, others (barbering pros like you, for example) are trying to figure out how to boost their holiday profits through seasonal promos. 

Prepping for a successful holiday probably happens in a lot of different ways in your shop–and that likely includes boosting your holiday profits through seasonal promotions. 

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to holiday promotions, we’ve got good news–this is basically the perfect place to kick it into gear.

The Go-To Holiday Promotions to Consider for Your Barbershop 

Not quite ready to brainstorm some of your own holiday promo ideas? Have no fear; NAOB is here–with tons of holiday deals, discounts, and promotions, of course. Keep reading to stock up on sweet ideas for profit-boosting promos this holiday season. Use these ideas as your creative fuel to kickstart your own go-to ideas, too. 

Gift Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Cards 

The most wonderful time of the year usually includes a healthy dose of gift cards. Try promoting your own gift cards as holiday stocking stuffers by offering your clients holiday promos or discounts for a certain amount purchased. 

Do they want a $50 gift card for only $35? Sounds like they should tack on a beard trim to their appointment. Maybe they want three gift cards for friends and family–let them know a fourth gift card comes at a pretty steep discount, too. 

However you want to play it, gift cards can be the ultimate money maker (and gift your customers will appreciate) this holiday season. 

Take it to Social Media with a Holiday Hashtag Contest 

The best promos always go hand-in-hand with publicity. And publicity nowadays usually means social media. We’re very #prosocialmediamarketing at NAOB, so if you’re familiar with our marketing tips, you probably already knew were going to prescribe a social strategy at some point. Come up with a special holiday contest for your customers and make sure they use your unique holiday hashtag. 

Maybe the winners are entered into a drawing to win free gifts? Perhaps the winner gets a pre-Christmas makeover? However you want to spin it, you can come up with some sweet social media promos, discounts, and brand awareness with a hashtag holiday contest. 

A barber sorts through his favorite tools and products, all things he'll put on his gift guide as part of his holiday promotions.

Don’t Forget the Prepared Gift Baskets 

You really want to give your customer the gift of convenience this holiday season (and boost your holiday profits while you’re at it?).

Set them (and yourself) up for success with prepped gift baskets they can purchase on the fly. Want to make it even easier and a great lil go-to gift they can give their loved ones? 

Try setting up gift baskets with specific themes. Beard-themed baskets, the perfect pomp, or even a mountain man-esque routine basket can really sell over the holiday season. Prepped gift baskets set up right by the checkout can be quick moneymakers that truly make all the gifting difference for your clients this season. 

Use Your Promo Powers for Charitable Good 

Ok, Ok, this one is less about profit and more about doing good things during the holiday season (which we think is great, BTW).  

Setting up a charity drive, giveaway, or donation promo can show your community how much you really care. This can be as involved as you want. Maybe you just set up a cute little corner in your shop where people can donate toys and gifts. Perhaps you take it a step further and offer a free trim for those who donate a certain amount of money to the donation of your choosing. 

However you want to play it, charitable good is a must this holiday season (and TBH, it doesn’t hurt your marketing strategy, either). 

Holiday Product Gift Guides

Put together cute blogs, videos, or social media reels to promote some of your all-time fave products this season via a barbering gift guide. Naturally, these products will be available for purchase at your shop, of course. A little media buzz and an organized gift guide can go a long way! So, round up your faves, figure out a fun way to promote them, and make sure you’ve got plenty of those products in stock! 

Got a few barbering promos of your own up your sleeve? We want to hear about them! Drop them in the comment section below and share them with your fellow barbers–trust us, the community is always ready for helpful tips and tricks. 

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