The way that people understand barbering has drastically changed and evolved over the past few decades, and so has education. If you're looking for a top-notch barber program to start your career, we've done the research for you

Finally, people are beginning to understand and see barbering as more than just a man’s haircut – it’s a form of art, a passion, a way of being for many professionals.

If you are interested in expressing your creativity through barbering, learning how to open your own shop, or have always dreamt of becoming a world-class, prestigious, and in-demand barber, know that you’re not alone. This fact, although comforting, is also a terrifying one – with that amount of competition, how can you guarantee you’ll be the best barber in the industry?

The simple answer: by enrolling in and attending a top barber program at a well-respected institution.

Sure, you’ll need training and education in order to pass your state exams to be licensed to be a barber, but more than that, you’ll need hands-on training, in-class instruction, and the latest technology in order to ensure that you’re going to be the best in the business.

Luckily, we’ve done the first part of the hard work for you (though expect much more to come once you’re enrolled) and have picked out the top five barbering programs in the country.

Take a look, get acquainted with your options, and start to narrow down which programs might work best for you!

Paul Mitchell Barber School

The Paul Mitchell Schools are the cornerstones of cosmetology, so it only makes sense that they’d implement a program to churn out top-notch professionals in the modern-day barbershop industry.

As men increasingly seek out a space for a high-profile cut and shave, Paul Mitchell is continually providing the supply for the demand. This barber program is a three-level tier system that gives prospective barbers the hands-on training in skills like precision, color and texture, skincare, grooming, and shaving.

The Paul Mitchell programs graduate over 10,000 students every year from their 100+ schools and have locations that dot the country. They encourage financial aid, scholarships, and other opportunities.

Formerly known as the famous American Barber College, this establishment has gleaned the reputation of having the industry standard for being “no-nonsense barbers.” In other words, graduates of this barber program mean serious business, and they’ve often been recognized for their achievements – in fact, this school was the official training school for the major motion picture Barber Shop released in 2002.

Serving Southern California for over 25 years, the Borner’s Barber College the hands-on experience they need to become the barber they’ve always aspired to be. More than that, prospective barbers will have opportunities to work in the real barbershop and have in-salon experience.

Blade Craft Barber Academy

Although Blade Crafter Barber Academy is a fairly new establishment, it’s undoubtedly leading the way in modern barbering education. Blade Craft Barber provides education to prospective barbers from a staff full of Blade Masters with real world experience.

Students will learn in an upscale learning environment that’s dedicated to barber education, state razor shaves, patterns and skin care, and all of the skills necessary to pass their state boards with flying colors. Students will be marked with a deeper understanding of the nuances of male style, have a balanced curriculum of theory and practical skills, and will learn a wide variety of strategies and techniques that will benefit their careers beyond compare. 

American Barber Academy

The American Barber Academy has been a staple in the barbering education world for many years.An accredited school with a high-profile reputation, they strive to introduce, teach, and imprint the latest hair styling trends, techniques, and modern barbering into the students who choose to embark on their barber program. 

Prospective barbers at this school do more than just sit in a classroom and memorize techniques, they learn what it’s like to work in a real barbershop, as well as learn the skills that it takes in order to run their own shop someday.

This is a high-volume clinic with a multi-cultural clientele due to their location in PA. Students will receive proper training on sanitation and safety, learn the latest techniques for the modern industry, and be more than prepared to pass their state board exams when the time comes. 

American College of Barbering

This Academy is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is one of the top programs available in the country. With a rigorous 1,500 hours required to complete the barber program, prospective professionals who embark on this adventure are in for a deeply-challenging, but rewarding, few months of learning their craft.

From classes on scalp care and the history of barbering to courses on sterilization and hair coloring, the American Barber Academy is going to cover it all. This school offers financial aid for those who qualify.

Students of this program will be expected to receive all of the in-class training needed, but also work on the clinic floor to receive the real-world experience they need in order to achieve in this industry once they graduate.  A professional atmosphere, hands-on experience, and decades of knowledge placed at your fingertips – what more could you ask for in a barbering school?

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