The Top 2022 Fall Trends Barbers Need to Know About

The crunching leaves are falling to the ground. Pumpkin spice lattes are all around. The temperatures are cooling down. Yep, Fall season stuff abounds. 

You probably enjoy Fall as much as the next barber, but this season shift means more than just pumpkin patches, long layers, and a pivot toward winter–it also means there’s a new set of trends slippin’ into your radar. 

You know how it goes, right? Every time a season changes, a new suite of trends swoop in, too. And Fall, of course, is no different. No matter who your target demographic or audience might be, there are plenty of new trends to keep an eye out for. 

Not sure how to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not this Fall? Don’t sweat it; we got you. Take a peek at our Fall trends blog right here, right now, for an inside scoop on what you can expect for the Fall season. 

In other words, get ready for clients flockin’ into your shop asking for cuts, trims, and beard shapes like these! 

The Top Fall Trends for Barbers

Make sure you take note–these aren’t the only trends you can expect for Fall 2022. But we do think you’ll likely get a few of these requests this year. 

Want to make sure you’re keeping up with the other stuff? Check-in with your clients, ask them what’s in, consult the celebrity sphere to see what pop culture is dishing out, and, in general, keep your eyes open to the world around you. 

If you do all of that, you’re sure to flesh out what’s a must this season.  

Dramatic Combovers are Here to Stay 

The classic combover is timeless, iconic, and a must for most seasons. So, it should come as no surprise they make it on the Fall trend list (and, TBH, pretty much every other list, too). This iconic swoop-over is a great way to show off texture, length, and color–no matter what your clients are rocking. 

In general, if you have a client looking for an easy-to-manage style that looks pristine, a combover is usually a safe bet. The best part about this cut? It can be modified with just a touch of styling gel or a leave-in conditioner. You get versatility, sophistication, and fun all at once with this cut. 

French Crops are Still In 

Rugged, handsome, and super low-maintenance, it’s no surprise the french crop is still on the books for Fall trends. What we love about this style is how intentional it looks without needing constant attention. 

French crops are made to be stylish without requiring much work from your clients at all. In other words, the cut does the work for your client–they just get to reap the benefits. 

Another versatile cut, all it takes is a little mussing up to take it from professional to casual in a pinch. 

Buzzcut Season 

You thought summer was buzzcut season? Well, you’re usually right–but this year, we’re seeing more and more men opt for a buzzcut well into Fall. 

We’re not going to try to diagnose where this trend came from; we’re just glad it’s here. 

Alert your buzzcut-lovin’ clients that they don’t have to ditch that short look just yet–Fall 2022 is all about the buzz. 

Chevron Mustache–Seriously 

Nope, we’re not smack-dab in the 80s. It is, indeed, 2022. But a very 80s style is back this Fall, and honestly, we’re kind of glad to see it. 

The chevron mustache is a heavy ‘stache that follows the shape of the upper lip. It should be thick, it should be neat, and it should be oh-so-80s. 

Take a look around the next time you go for a walk. This look is very in–whether it’s shocking or not. 

Quiff It Good 

Modern, messy, and totally versatile, we’re thrilled to pieces that the quiff cut is back in for the Fall season. We love this look because it’s a little bit of everything–professional, whimsical, and casual cool-guy-or-gal. In other words, it doesn’t matter what style your client likes to rock; they can pull off a quiff for sure. 

Who’s the best fit for a quiff cut? We love to see quiffs for clients with curly, coily, or natural textured hair. A little bit of volume goes a long way with the quiff, making it a perfect pick for clients who want to keep the look of their curly hair without the hard-to-manage length. 

Casual 5 O’Clock Shadow Beard

Fall looks tend to err on the side of casual but cool, styled but unintentional, and super chill but also somehow exceptionally effortless. With that in mind, it makes sense that the perfectly shaped 5 o’clock shadow beard is a seamless fit with Fall trends, right? 

The key to a 5 o’clock shadow? The shaping. That’s where you come in. Create the right lines for your client, so they can follow along seamlessly when they’re trimming or shaving. Think of it like creating a template for them to reconstruct over and over.  

Patchy Beards Get Their Day 

You heard us right; the patchy beard is in! Fellas who struggle with growth in certain areas, don’t sweat it–your day is finally here. The key to this in-style look? 

Focus the most growth in areas where hair seamlessly comes in–then make sure the other areas are kept shorter and always trimmed.

Got a client with a killer mustache? Help keep the focal point there and give him a closer crop with his other facial hair–all without eliminating the gradient length. The key isn’t to get rid of the patchy sections; it’s to shape them carefully. 

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