The Top 5 Barbering Pros to Follow on Social Media

A professional barber shows the camera his trusty shears.

As a barber, you exist at an interesting crossroads. Your career is based on skill. Creativity, keeping up with trends, and (of course) making money to support your family. That’s a lot of factors to consider when cutting hair and planning the next step in your barbering career!

Thankfully, it is easier than ever to juggle these essential barbering elements (please, just don’t juggle your barbering sheers). Social media has made finding inspiration, plugging into trends, and even honing your skills as simple as following the right barbering pros on their platforms of choice.

Whether you already have a solid foundation of inspiration barbers on your follow list or are only now starting to take advantage of social media, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the top 5 barbering pros to follow on social media below!

The Best Barbers to Follow on Social Media

No matter what your platform of choice is, social media is full of incredible barbering pros who set the standard for the industry. Whether they’re at the forefront of the hottest trends or demonstrating unbelievable techniques, they are inspirational and worth a follow.

Because there are so many amazing barbers out there, it can be hard to narrow a list down to just 5. That’s why we strongly encourage you to use this guide as a launching pad to find even more barbers to follow. You’ll be glad you did.

Yahia Jaber (@mrofficial)

If you’re looking for clean fades, epic beards, and an impeccable attention to detail, Tahia Jaber (@mrofficial on Instagram) is one of the best inspirations you’ll find. As a barber, educator, and ambassador of the barbering industry, his work speaks volumes of his passion and skill.

While Yahia’s social media is packed with motivating content that is sure to get your creative muscles working, it is far more than a masterclass in skill. Yahia uses his platform for the betterment of the barbering community, demonstrating the true power of social media.

This image shows barbering pro Mr. Official and his instagram posts.

Andrew Kozak (@andrewdoeshair)

Texture is such an integral part of stylish hair. From smooth, slicked-back looks to messy cuts with texture overload, this single element of barbering can make or break a style. That’s what makes Andrew (@andrewdoeshair on Instagram) an inspiration—the texture he imbues each cut with brings life and vigor to the hair, regardless of the particular style.

Scrolling through Andrew’s social media is like flipping the pages of a professional haircutting magazine. Nearly every post is a tasteful photo capturing his top-notch work. In fact, you could show clients Andrew’s Instagram as a selection guide to their next hairstyle. It’s that good.

This image shows barbering pro Andrew Does Hair and his instagram posts.

KC Fee (@kcfee)

When it comes to men’s hair, the trends are often set on the red carpet. Celebrities like to impress, and their hair is a big part of that. Behind many of those memorable moments is KC Fee (@kfee on Instagram), a barber who works with celebrities ranging from Jeremy Allen White to Kumail Nanjiani, her talents translate to a variety of styles and cuts.

If you want to keep up with what’s in and what’s up and coming, you’ll want to give KC a follow.

This image shows barbering pro KC FEE and her instagram posts.

Alcides Loran (@aluppercut)

Clean lines, tasteful styles, and a steady hand are all defining traits of Alcides Loran’s barbering (@aluppercut on Instagram). Whether it’s shaping a beard or chiseling artwork from formerly untamed hair, Alcides’ work is as creative as it is classic. For students of the barbering craft, his page is a goldmine of both inspiration and skill-based knowledge.

This image shows barbering pro Capo and his instagram posts.

Sofia Pok (@staygold31)

Creativity overload comes in the form of Sofie Pok (@staygold31 on Instagram), a magician behind the chair. From classic fades executed to perfection to funky styles bursting with color, Sofie is a master of all things hair. She even co-founded STMT, a grooming brand that takes her passion for hair to the next level. Barbers who enjoy experimenting or who simply want to expand the horizons of what’s possible will love following Sofie’s page.

This image shows barbering pro and her instagram posts.

Using Social Media to Thrive as a Barber

The advent of social media changed creative pursuits and business in a myriad of ways, and barbering is no exception. You can find and connect with fellow barbers, inspirational leaders in the industry, and potential clients unlike ever before thanks to the digital communities we all share. Whether you’re checking out the amazing barbers listed above or starting your own social media page, these digital resources are tools to be leveraged.

Speaking of phenomenal resources for barbers, the National Association of Barbers provides free information, unparalleled barbering insurance, and plenty of tips and tricks you can use to benefit your business. Be sure to subscribe to be among the first to receive updates and new information. We also encourage you to check out our blog, where we frequently share industry insights, the latest barbering trends, and more!

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