The Hottest Winter Style Trends All Barbers Need to Know

A barber cuts his client's hair into a barbering winter style trend.

The Hottest Winter Style Trends All Barbers Need to Know

Winter is upon us, and while the weather may be cold, the barbering trends are hotter than ever. As usual, the new season ushers in a wave of trendy styles.

Some are a slight shift in consistently popular cuts, while others are a complete departure from the norm. Either way, there’s sure to be an influx of fellas ready to shake up their look. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving just in time for the holidays.

As a barber, staying on top of trends is key to your success. You have to have your finger on the pulse of what is growing in popularity, the latest barbering craze, and what people are bound to ask for when they visit your shop. Aside from the hands-on information you gather from clients and what you see on social media, you need a resource to help you stay ahead of the curve.

That’s why we put together this guide to the hottest winter style trends all barbers need to know. Rather than scouring the internet for potentially hours at a time, you can simply read our succinct industry insights below. You–and your clients–will be glad you read this blog. 

The Top Winter Trends Every Barber Needs to Know 

Social Media Trends Reign Supreme

More and more people are getting style inspiration from social media. Apps like Instagram contribute to this phenomenon, but the primary driver right now is TikTok. There’s even a men’s TikTok hairstyle, known as the wet mop, that many people refer to as the TikTok haircut. It’s really that popular. 

While it has a modern origin and social media nickname, this style is nothing new. It is essentially the same haircut sported by The Beatles and a number of other celebrities. In essence, it is longer on top with short to mid-length back and sides. The top is often highly textured.

The wet mop is only one example of a social media barbering trend. Expect a lot of clients to whip out their phones and show you the inspiration for their latest haircut. You may want to peruse social media barbering trends on your own to familiarize yourself with the styles people are bound to ask for this winter.

A client shows off a long, natural power beard–one of hottest winter trends this season.

Power Beards 

Sometimes known as natural beards, power beards are a go-to look this winter season. Why? Because they’re long, bushy, and warm as can be. Sounds kind of perfect for a chillier season, right? But it’s not just about the comfort–power beards are the ultimate take-home-to-the-family look. Our best advice for the power beard is to either rock it with a walrus mustache or a trimmed mustache, depending on the look your client is going for. Either way–don’t ignore the mustache! 

Bleach and Color

Many men are making a statement with bold hairstyles that flaunt bright colors and aggressive patterns. From the classic bleached look to a purple buzz cut with polka dots, everyone from social media influencers to notable athletes is driving this trend. It is even popular among those with naturally dark hair, as seen on athletes like Dennis Rodman and David Beckham.

A man shows off his bleached and dyed hair, one of the hottest winter style trends.

This hairstyle can be extremely simple (a solid color) to complex (multiple colors and ornate designs). One this is certain–it’s sure to stand out at Christmas dinner.

Undercut with Long Fringe

The undercut has grown and stayed in popularity in recent years. Propelled into the mainstream by the hit show “Peaky Blinders,” the undercut became a hot commodity and began to evolve. Now, it is popular to sport a longer top with the buzzed sides and back. Many men opt for a flowing, textured look on top. Some even prefer a curly, permed appearance. Either way, we’re on board with the fact that this look is in style. 

The Mullet

This infamous haircut has quietly been making a comeback in recent years. Now, its resurgence is reaching a crescendo, making it one of the most popular winter hairstyles for men in 2022. While some men opt for the classic mullet, others are putting a modern twist on the iconic style. Expect shag, spikes, and other variations to trend this season. No matter what, we love to see a mullet–and so does the rest of the world. You can definitely expect to see some mullet requests coming in this holiday season. 

A man displays his 5 o'clock shadow beard (also known as a stubble beard) as one of the hottest winter trends this season.

Stubble Beard

Timeless but oh-so-timely, the stubble beard–AKA the 5 o’clock shadow beard–is back in action. Why is this beard making a winter come back? Because it’s a fun, easy, and effortless style that go look either elevated or casual–you know, perfect for the holiday office party or a day in Christmas PJs. 

The men’s hairstyle trends for winter this year are rooted in classic cuts with a modern flair. Powered by social media trends and figures in the public eye–from superstar athletes to movie stars–you’re sure to see these barbering trends in quantity this holiday season. Because most begin with a classic base that can be experimented with to add a personal touch, feel free to work with your clients to make these trendy men’s haircuts a little more unique.

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