The Best Barbershop Haircuts for Spring’s Warmer Weather

A barber works on his client's hair in the chair, giving him a better shop cut for the warmer spring weather.
The winter season is quickly drawing to a close, and spring will soon follow with vibrant blooms and warmer weather. For many, the shifting of the seasons is a welcomed change. After the colder months, a chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine is more than enough to inspire excitement.

Whether it’s shedding some layers in preparation for balmier days or mixing things up to start anew, it is not uncommon to opt for a new hairstyle in the spring. As a barber, you can expect a flood of clients asking for new ‘dos, and you should be prepared to guide them toward the hottest, most popular cuts for the upcoming season.

The Most Popular Haircuts for Spring 2023

Styles shift with the seasons, and spring is no exception. Some trends have staying power each year–such as people opting for shorter, cooler cuts to prepare for the coming warmth. Others are unique year-to-year, making each spring a hectic and exhilarating time to be a barber.

Familiarizing yourself with what’s in demand this spring is essential to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring you’re ready to give your customers the cuts they crave.

Mid-Length and Messy

It is not uncommon for people to let their hair get a little wild during the winter. In addition to being a suitable look for hitting the slopes or rocking a beanie, longer hair is also warmer. This is a great perk during the colder months, but when spring comes, it can be a liability.

For clients who have been sporting longer locks and don’t want to go from one extreme to the other, a mid-length hairstyle is a winner. Right now, the messy mid-length look is popular. One of the top traits of this trend, however, is its versatility. It can be transformed in an instant from free-flowing and messy to sophisticated by simply adding a bit of product.

Grown-Out Fade

As we said earlier, warmer weather on the horizon does not mean that you have to jump straight to a short haircut. Instead, people might choose a twist on a classic in 2023. The grown-out fade takes the concept of a fade and gives it a touch of extra length on the side. Rather than fading toward nothingness along the sides, this style is notable for retaining more evenness.

The top, however, is still left longer. This gives the grown-out fade some characteristics of its well-known counterpart–including its overall shape and versatility–while being less abrupt and acting as a bridge between mid-length cuts and a true fade.


The concept of trends being cyclical has proven true in fashion time after time. When it comes to hairstyles, barbers are more than familiar with popular styles of the past coming full circle. A prime example of this is the curtains hairstyle. That’s right; the 1990s are back in 2023.

Once again, this style gives customers the opportunity to retain a little length from the winter while still refreshing their look in preparation for the spring. Ideally, this cut includes some movement–in the form of wavy or curly hair, for example–to give it shape and prevent it from being one-dimensional. 

Natural and Modern

More men than ever are embracing their natural hair. We are a huge fan of this trend, and as a barber, you should be ready to help facilitate this newfound confidence in a modern, manageable manner. Thankfully, this hairstyle is pretty straightforward.

The most common method of creating a natural yet modern hairstyle is to shape the sides while leaving the top natural. This can be done by tapering, fading, or creating sharp edges on the sides. The top can then be cut to any length and shape the customer desires but, given the rising temps, shorter and mid lengths will be more likely be prevalent.

French Crop

As a barber, you know that the latest social media trend or Hollywood blockbuster can cause a hairstyle to explode in popularity, only to fall out of fashion shortly after. Other cuts, however, seem to stay in the spotlight for years on end. They have staying power thanks to their classic nature, versatility, and ability to be personalized to each individual.

The French crop is one of these timeless styles. It has endured the test of time, been subject to several modern twists, and proven to be a go-to option for warmer weather. Short enough to be comfortable in the spring and summer, the French crop is easy to maintain and style. It can also be paired with an undercut or fade, keeping it fresh for 2023.

Staying ahead of impending trends is essential to your success as a barber, and the shifting seasons are almost always a sign of styles changing. Be on the lookout for the haircuts mentioned here, and don’t forget to do a little research of your own to prepare for the popular cuts that are coming.

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