The Benefits Of Being A Master Barber

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Everything You Need to Know About Being a Master Barber: The Top 5 Benefits

Barbering, as a general rule, is a pretty kickass career.

It offers a hybrid gig that focuses on creativity and service, offers you tons of flexibility, and can easily become one of those careers that’s equal parts fun and rewarding. The other cool thing about barbering? You have the opportunity to make great money and become an expert in your craft—that’s something that not every career leaves room for.

In fact, as a barber, the ceiling for your potential is pretty unlimited—especially if you’re dedicated to growing, investing in your talents, and opting to always shoot for new heights within your career.

That’s where being a master barber comes into play.

If you’re not entirely sure what the term master barber is all about, don’t sweat it—that’s exactly what this blog is here to unravel.

We’ll talk about what a master barber is, what it takes to become one, and we’ll even lay out the top 5 benefits of becoming a master barber. 

Believe us, that list could be a lot longer, but we’ll just cover what we believe to be the most beneficial to kick-start this important conversation. 

What Exactly is a Master Barber?

Being a master barber isn’t just about knowing your craft inside and out, being a skilled and creative service provider, and being likable AF—it’s actually a serious job title, one that takes a ton of extra work to achieve.

By definition, a master barber is a highly trained and licensed expert within the field of barbering—but this doesn’t just come from street cred and experience.

In fact, to be a master barber, you’ll need to meet your state’s requirements, which often include a different license, a certain amount of experience, and potentially even a comprehensive examination.

But beyond that, being a master barber comes with a certain amount of clout—especially when it comes to your reputation, your skills, and the experience you’ll offer your clients. 

When someone sits down in a master barber’s chair, they expect a premium event, comprehensive knowledge, and a well-rounded barber who can provide them with whatever they want in a high-quality environment.

That clout is definitely one of the big benefits that go hand-in-hand with being a master barber, but that’s definitely not the end of the list.

The Must-Know Benefits of Being a Master Barber

Credibility, Credibility, Credibility

We’ve already touched on this a little bit, but as a master barber, you’ve got the proof to back up the facts—in other words, you’re one of the best in your field, and you’ve got the credibility to show it. 

This clout and credibility can translate to affecting a whole, sweeping list of its own, so we won’t dive too deep into it.

But know that as a master barber, you’ll be looked at as the expert, the king or queen of barbering, and the knowledgeable pro that’s sure to know the answer. It’s hard not to consider that a benefit, right? 

You Can Raise Your Rates Accordingly

One of the truly beautiful things about being a licensed master barber is that you’re able to verify and confirm that you’ve put in the extra work, experience, and education needed to certify that you’re a badass at what you do.

Master barbers can easily justify (as they should) raising their rates. And this makes sense, right? The more skilled you are at your job, the more in-demand you probably are—you need to be able to price out your time and services appropriately.

This specialization within your field automatically qualifies you to charge more than a less experienced, less skilled barber.

Does that make you a better person than someone else who’s new to the barbering world? No way—but if you’re a better barber, you need to own that. Having that master barber certification on hand can help you not only justify your prices but offer the credibility needed to charge what you do. 

Comprehensive Continued Education 

Becoming a master barber takes extra experience, courses, licensing, and examinations—that means you’ll be putting in a whole lot of valuable work. Investing in your continued education as a barber is always going to be hugely impactful and important. 

It’s crucial to make this a priority on your journey to becoming a master barber, but it’s also vital to realize that this mission doesn’t end the moment you’re licensed.

Great barbers realize that education is a never-ending process!

Access to a Whole New Market

As a master barber, you can expand your market or niche down where you want—that’s true career freedom.

Because there are specific target demographics out there who are specifically looking for a master barber (and a master barber, only), you’ll have the skillset and credibility to be the go-to expert for an entirely new market.

More Freedom to Specialize

We’re not saying that non-master barbers can’t specialize—that’s far from the truth!

But as a master barber, you’ve got an extra dose of credibility, likely more access to the clientele you’re after, and the ability to raise your prices as needed—that’s the formula for successful specialization. 

As a master barber, you can take your brand to new heights, even if that means only specializing in 1-2 main services.

While this is definitely an opportunity for barbers who decide to not become master barbers, the road to specialize can sometimes be a little smoother when you opt for your master barber license.

So, are you ready to start your journey to become a master barber? Whether you’re totally convinced or might need a little more time, we’re here to help you succeed in any direction you decide—we’ve got your back, you badass barber.

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