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If you’re reading the title of this blog and thinking, “really–email? That’s the secret to marketing success,” know that you’re not the only skeptical barber in the group. 

Email marketing–for whatever reason–has this reputation of being antiquated and out of touch. But let’s be honest for a second–how much emailing do you do on a daily basis?

Even though email marketing isn’t the flashiest new thing in marketing strategy, it’s a tried-and-true method that just works. 

Email marketing, when done right, can be used to build relationships, significantly increase your brand awareness, generate leads, market your products and services, and of course, promote your content. 

As a barber, connecting with your audience is key, relating and communicating with your clients is a must, and getting the word out about your brand matters, too. You can accomplish all of these goals with email marketing strategies. 

But why invest in email marketing, really, and how do you even get your email marketing off the ground? 

Keep reading to find out.

Why Email Marketing? The Big Barber Business Benefits

To be totally upfront, this is not the complete, comprehensive list of reasons. If we laid that out for you, we’d be here all day. 

So, we’re just dropping the top four we think you should know about that make a case for email marketing (and hint at why you should consider bringing this strategy into your barbering marketing methods).

It’s Where Your Audience Already Is 

Everyone uses email–that’s just a fact. Why not take advantage of that? Your audience is already there, don’t make things more complicated than they need to be by seeking out new spots to find the audience that already exists. 

It’s Proven to be Successful 

Email is said to be about 40x more successful than social media marketing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on social media marketing–but it does mean that if email marketing isn’t part of your strategy, you’re missing out on some serious potential success. 

Solid ROI for an Affordable Price Tag

According to HubSpot, email generates about $38 per every dollar spent–the quick-math on that is that you can see a 3,800% return on investment for email. In our minds, those numbers should be enough to convince you to give email marketing a try! 

Tips for Successful Email Marketing Strategies 

When it comes to email marketing, how you forge your own path is totally up to you–these are just a few tips to get you started. 

Curate a List First 

Email marketing is a great tool–but if you don’t have an email list of people to send emails to, you’re kind of just working yourself silly for nothing. 

Make sure that you’re gathering data and curating an email list so that you can, you know, actually have a group or audience of people to send things to.

Get your clients up on this list, have your website visitors subscribe to your email list (by promising them some value), and accumulate email addresses via other social media platforms, too. 

Shop Software is Your Best Friend 

Maybe digital marketing isn’t really your thing. Guess what? That doesn’t mean you can’t be a digital marketing whiz. 

All you need is a little assistance in the form of barbershop software. Take a peek at multifaceted barbershop software that fills the marketing gap and others (like the point of sale, newsletter design, invoice tracking, etc.) We promise they exist. 

Deliver Value – Not Just Useless Emails 

This is a key make-or-break factor with email marketing campaigns. It’s not enough to just send emails every now and again; you need to deliver actual value to your clients to get their attention, pique their conversion interest, and make sales. 

Remember, every email should do something for your client, not just take up space in their inbox.

Catchy Subject Lines 

Think about how often you delete emails when the subject line is boring. Pretty often, right? No pressure, but your subject lines need to be heavy hitters when it comes to grabbing attention. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative and use a little razzle-dazzle to really wow your email receivers. 

Try new things, incorporate emojis, make a bold claim–keep it short, sweet, and interesting.

Make it Look Good 

Even if this is a little bit picky, we’re here to tell you that well-designed emails that incorporate your branding well and offer a little aesthetic license are going to perform better than chaotic, boring designs. 

You want your reader to get a full visual of your branding, which should include your tone of voice, your logos, your signature colors, and beyond. 

Make sure you’re not missing out on an opportunity for branding with your email marketing campaigns.

Automate Your Marketing Efforts 

Don’t make email marketing harder than it needs to be! 

Opt for software and email marketing apps that help you automate your efforts. This way, you can set up email marketing campaigns ahead of time, schedule them, and make sure everything is running smoothly without having to carve out enormous chunks of your daily schedule to make sure things get done.

Dive Into Data & Use it to Your Advantage 

If you’re already using software to help your email marketing, it’s more than likely going to have data and feedback readily available for you. 

Don’t waste this gift! Data is the must-have key to any successful marketing strategy–it tells you the facts about what’s working and what’s not. 

Our advice? Don’t ignore this data and use it to your advantage. 

See, we don’t just drop hot barber gossip (though, we do that, too)–our blog is all about being a resource that’s helpful, enlightening, and impactful for your career. We encourage you to take this advice and give it a try. 

Are you already working on your email marketing strategy? Drop your own hot tips in the comment section below–we’re ready to hear it, and our barbering community will certainly appreciate it. 

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