The 3 Barber Shows You Need to Attend to Grow Your Brand

A barber cuts his client's hair with a new technique he learned at a barber show.
Barbering is a career that inspires (and requires) constant growth and improvement. If you want to stay on top of trends and at the pinnacle of your game, you have to continually find ways to expand your skillset, refine your abilities, and increase your knowledge of the industry.

While there are many avenues you can take to reach these goals, one of our personal favorites is attending barbering expos and shows. The benefits of going to such events are many, and they can benefit your career in a multitude of ways. From widening your barbering social circle and learning new techniques to boosting your branding, going to such shows can be extremely advantageous.

Before we dive into the details of tradeshows and our top picks that you should attend, we want to take a minute to acknowledge the elephant in the room—the cost of going to events. There’s no question that these shows cost money, demand your time, and can even eat into your vacation, but trust us, they’re worth the investment.

How Barber Shows Benefit Your Brand

Seeing new barbering innovations, trying the latest products, and meeting barbering icons are all compelling reasons to attend tradeshows. The real benefit of going to such expos, however, is how they can help you grow as a barber and as a brand.

They accomplish this in several ways, especially if you are intentional with your time and actions while in attendance. How your brand profits will be dependent on the type of brand you are crafting and the focus you have at the show. That being said, the following brand benefits are pretty much universally applicable.

Network within the Industry

Social media and digital branding may receive a lot of attention (rightfully so; they’re both important), but barbering is still an industry dominated by word-of-mouth marketing, relationships, and connections. With that in mind, there is no better place to network with other barbering professionals, industry leaders, and notable companies than a tradeshow.

Not only does networking at such events get your name out there (increasing your brand recognition), but it also provides an opportunity to make valuable connections and expand your circle. This can prove beneficial as you move forward with your business and continue to expand your brand.

Continue Your Education

Learning from the best should be a priority for every barber. Expos give you a chance to not only glean insights from leading barbers but also receive vital educational credits and certificates. It’s a convenient way to attend multiple educational opportunities in one place, stay up-to-date with your licensing, and improve your professional reputation.

Even if the workshops are not for credit, learning from preeminent barbers is fantastic for your career. Whether it’s a speech, a class, or a hands-on experience, continuing your education at an expo is great for your brand, especially in the long run.

The Best Barbering Events to Attend

With your brand in mind, it’s time to choose the best barbering shows to consider attending. There are many events every year, with exciting upstarts and industry stalwarts both offering tremendous opportunities to learn, grow, and connect. We recommend doing some research, looking in your region, and choosing the best options for you, your budget, and your goals.

That being said, our top three barbering events are as follows.


With a name like Barbercon, you know the event will be epic. This immersive experience features education, workshops for the business side of your barbering career, and a comprehensive approach to life as a barber, including your wellness.

Network with fellow professionals, attend intimate tutorials, and learn from the best over the course of three days in Palm Springs, CA. With educators like Sofie Pok, Ivan Zoot, and a host of other well-known industry giants, the opportunities to learn and grow are remarkable.

CT Barber Expo

Packed with educational opportunities, exciting vendors, and even fun competitions, the CT Barber Expo has gained a reputation for being a must-attend show for barbers of all experience levels, skill sets, and focuses. With over a decade of shows under its belt, this expo has established itself as one of the best barbering events to attend.

Hosted in Hartford, CT, this two-day expo is always a hot spot for the most prominent barbering talent in the world. You can learn from the best, network with ease, and grow your brand over the course of the weekend.


Rather than putting on a single show each year, Premiere is a series of barbering expos that takes place in four unique locations over several months. In 2024, the locations include Anaheim, CA; Orlando, FL; San Antonio, TX; and Columbus, OH.

In other words, you can choose to attend the show that is most convenient for you. With world-class educational workshops, top brands in attendance, and a passionate worldwide community in tow, Premiere is one of the best events for barbers.

Catch up on trends, compete against other artists, and link up with influencers. Whatever you are pursuing for the betterment of your brand, you can find it at Premiere.

Barbering events are phenomenal opportunities to grow your brand. To stay informed about the latest events, trends, and barbering news, be sure to subscribe and check out our blog. Expanding your barbering brand is a consistent process, and we’re here to help!

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