Top Ten Tips to Make Six Figures as a Barber

Barbers Can Make Six-Figures.

No flashy intros here, friends —we really want to drive home this point.

As a barber, you can absolutely do what you love and simultaneously be rolling in the dough— you just have to be willing to work hard, dedicate yourself to it, and not be afraid to monetize your passion.

Maybe you chose a career as a barber because you were naturally talented.

Maybe you really loved learning a new skill.

Maybe you even feel like you didn’t choose the barber life, it chose you.

Wherever the logic for becoming a barber stems from, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be tagging on “I make six-figures” as a factor that contributes to your love for your profession. 

What’s the secret formula for scoring a six-figure salary as a barber, you ask?

The truth is, there’s no one way to do it and there’s no one way that’s right for everyone —its’ a combination of determination, long hours, and sacrifice.

Oh — we like to think these ten tips help, too!

Check out a few of our top ten tips below that we think can help push you closer toward a six-figure barber salary.

Stop Selling Yourself Short

Seriously, we mean it.

The longer you waste your time selling your skills and your services short, the longer you’re putting off your earning potential. Take the time to really evaluate what you’re offering, your rates, and your market. Ask yourself vital questions.

Are you setting rates that are fair to you?

Are you considering your time as valuable as you should be?

Are you on par with other competitors who are offering the same services?

Are you offering lower prices than other barbers who don’t have skills a fine-tuned as you?

Have you changed your rates since you’ve improved your skills?

Evaluating these types of factors on a regular basis is going to ensure that you’re always accurately pricing and valuing your skills.

 Let’s be clear here —we don’t ever advise you to gouge a price for no reason, but we do think that setting up prices that are accurate to your skill set and services is hugely important in showing your own value (and in helping you achieve the financial success you desire).

Keep Six-Figure Habits

Take a look at your space in the barbershop. 

Is it clean? Are your tools in disarray?

Consider your time outside the barbershop.

Are you investing your extracurriculars in things that can help you better your skills as a barber?

Are trying to learn at all times?

A big part of becoming a six-figure salary barber is acting like one and acting like one means keeping six-figure habits in all aspects of your life (that’s right, even beyond just your career).

Six-figure habits don’t have to look the same for every barber (in fact, they rarely do).A way to check in on yourself and your habits is to learn about barbers you admire. What do they do to stay on track? Could those things work for you?

Dress for the Part

Remember that saying, dress for the job you want, not the job you have?

That absolutely applies here. Take this into account when you’re getting ready for a day of work. Does your outfit, your demeanor, your attitude, reflect the job (and salary) you want to have? Listen, we don’t mean that you have to press and steam a suit every day for work — sometimes dressing for the job you want simply means being very on your own brand.

Make sure that you’re taking all of this into account when considering how you present yourself.

Successful Barbers Surround Themselves With Success

You know how successful people continue to strive for success? 

By continuously seeking out success and challenging themselves.

We bet that if you were to sit down with any barber and ask them who they choose to surround themselves with, it would be with people who encourage and challenge them to be better versions of themselves. We don’t mean that you have to only hang out with barbers or people who make the salaries you want, but we do think choosing to surround yourself with people who have attributes you admire can go a long way for your mindset.

Retail Isn’t Your Enemy

For some reason, barbers and stylists tend to shy away from selling retail products in their shop. Maybe they don’t want to come across as too pushy to their customers, or maybe they’re afraid if they sell products that are too good, clients won’t need to come back to them.

The truth is, retail sales aren’t a bad thing — you just have to really believe in the products you’re backing. As an authentic, skilled barber, you never want to sell your clients something that you know is a bad product — so, don’t! Only carry products that you’re proud to sell so you can set aside the faux shame of retail sales.

And as far as good products go, you should know that your clients are paying you for your expertise — that includes the knowledge of things that can help them maintain the beautiful styles you’re giving them for as long as possible.

Selling retail products is a huge salary booster, so stop shying away from this part of your business.

Trendy Branding is In

We’ll keep this short and sweet.

While we don’t think this is the most important part of clawing your way to a six-figure salary, we definitely know that it helps. Trendy branding can really help draw in clients, so if you haven’t taken the time to truly establish and flaunt your brand, now might be the time to consider it.

Hone Your Skills, Always

Never stop learning.

That’s the biggest piece of advice we can offer barbers who want to make bank and become known as the best of the best in the barbering biz. Take the time to attend symposiums, listen to keynote speakers you admire, enroll in certification classes, become an apprentice to a barber you’ve long wanted to study under — whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re constantly improving your skills and yourself.

To be successful, make the money you want, and gain the notoriety in this biz, you have to be hungry to learn.

Don’t Be Afraid to Find a Niche

It’s never a bad thing to be the go-to-professional for a specific style.

We don’t mean that you should pigeonhole yourself and only get good at one particular thing, but we do think that it helps to be the person that everyone turns to when they want the best of the best of a specific, popular style.

Still, make sure you’re not a one-trick pony. Having a niche is great and can really help you build your business but being good at everything is what’s truly going to help you succeed in reaching a larger, more diverse client base.

Work Outside the Walls of Your Shop

Always try to invest some time outside of work to better your skills. We don’t mean that you shouldn’t have a work-life balance (you absolutely need to for stability and happiness), but we do think that it’s vital your work life isn’t restricted to the inside of your barbershop. Read up on what’s big in your business, learn how to better your management skills, try out new styles on friends for free in your spare time.

Try to hustle outside the shop every now and again to keep your fire going!

Find the Shop That’s Right For You — Or Start Your Own

All of these things are going to fall into place if you’re working hard, but it really helps if you’re in the right kind of barbershop. If you find yourself in a toxic environment that doesn’t encourage or appreciate personal or professional growth, it’s unlikely you’re in the right kind of environment.

We encourage you to work in a shop (or build your own) that’s consistently providing you with the keys to success and is always offering you the tools to help you become the barber you know you were born to be.

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