Sustainable Practices for Your Barbering Business

A client sits back as he enjoys a sustainable beard shave at his local barbershop.
Building a successful barbering business is no easy task, and if you have achieved it, there’s no doubt a tremendous amount of passion, hard work, and unwavering commitment taking place behind the scenes. It takes a lot to be a barber, from learning the skills to creating a client base, but the reward is worth it.

Not only do you get to live your passion and flex your creative muscles every day at work, but you also get to make a difference in people’s lives. From giving them the look they want (even when they aren’t sure how to describe it) to seeing their confidence grow as a result, barbering is as much about positive change as it is about cutting hair.

If you want to carry that momentum into other aspects of your business, you’ve come to the right place. More businesses than ever are doing their part to protect the earth and its natural elements, and you can join them by implementing sustainable practices into your barbering business.

Making Your Barber Shop More Eco-Friendly

Whether you’re a die-hard environmentalist at heart or simply want to do your part by making reasonable changes, your barber shop can easily transition to a more sustainable version of itself. In addition to the good you’ll be doing for the planet, it’s important to know that implementing sustainable practices is a streamlined process these days. No complicated, sweeping changes are necessary.

Go Paperless

The vast majority of the modern world has converted to digital avenues for most business activities. While you don’t need to entirely eliminate paper products from your business–especially if you’re using environmentally-friendly products–going paperless where you can is a great way to practice sustainability.

Billing and scheduling are two key areas where going paperless can eliminate a significant amount of waste. The good news is that most of your clients are familiar with digital alternatives at this point, so the transition will be painless for them. Thanks to modern digital tools, your business will likely benefit from this change, as well. Expect to be more organized and streamlined in your business processes once you have converted!

Invest in Local Business

As a local business yourself, you know the hard work it takes to carve out success in a competitive market. Supporting other local or regional businesses strengthens the small business community and creates a network of support that benefits everyone involved. Prioritizing local businesses can also help the planet by reducing the impact of national and global supply chains.

A man gets his hair cut at his local barbershop as part of his practice to live a more sustainable life.

Consider the products you use in your barbering business, whether it’s during a customer visit or for sale in the retail section of your shop. Mass-produced products are not only made by large corporations, but they also have to be transported huge distances to reach your barbershop. On the other hand, hair and skin care products made by local small businesses consume fewer resources to make and deliver. As a nice bonus, they are typically higher quality, and you support your neighbor by using their goods in your shop!

Conserve Water

Part of your barbering business relies on water. You have to wash, rinse, and otherwise saturate clients’ hair. While it may not seem like much, even brief washes can add up and quickly lead to substantial water consumption. Since you can’t eliminate water from your barbering work, finding ways to conserve it is ideal.

One of the easiest things you can do to conserve water and practice sustainability is to install shower heads that use less water. There are a handful of options on the market that are designed specifically for barber shops and salons, making them extremely effective while being far more efficient than your typical shower head.

Rethink Your Cleaning Products

It is absolutely essential to maintain a clean barber shop that is not only visually spotless but also free of dangerous bacteria. That being said, many common cleaners are packed with harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. It’s best to avoid these cleaners and opt for alternatives made with sustainability in mind.

Thankfully, there are more and more companies crafting cleaners that are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. All you have to do is do a bit of research to find cleaners that fit your usage and sustainability goals!

Building a successful barbering business and prioritizing the planet are not mutually exclusive. Rather, you can fulfill your dream of barbering while embracing sustainable practices quite easily. All it takes are a few minor tweaks to your daily operations, and you’ll be well on your way to a more streamlined, sustainable barbershop!

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