Show Your Barbershop Clients a Little Extra Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means—everybody is thinkin’ about l-o-v-e. 

Do you know what’s amazing about Valentine’s Day? It’s not just for romantic love, it’s a celebration of love in general—platonic love, familial love, and yep, even customer love. Are you picking up what we’re putting down yet?

This holiday is the perfect time to show your clients a little dose of extra love! 

Don’t get us wrong, we know you’re big on customer appreciation, client relationship building, and support year-round, but that doesn’t mean you can scoop on a heaping extra dash of love for your clients this Feb. In fact, we’ve got a feeling your clients—especially the regulars—would get a huge kick out of some extra adoration and appreciation, even if it’s just something small.

Need some lovey-dovey ideas to kick your client-love-fest off right? We got you, fam. We’ve laid out a few must-try concepts to help you show your clients a lil extra love, but don’t fret, this is just the start. If you’re wildly creative and want to show your clients how much you appreciate them in your own way, we say go for it. 

After all, you know your clients best—so you’d definitely know how to send a little extra love to them in ways they’d appreciate.

How to Show Your Clients a Little V-Day Love: 5 Ideas to Consider

Do you love to love your clients? 

Now is the time to do it right. Here are five must-try concepts to struck the love arrow and send it flying directly to your clients’ hearts.

Handwritten Thank You Notes/ Valentine’s Day Capture the Heart

Nothing says appreciation like a handwritten note. Whether you send it through snail mail or hand-deliver it at a client’s next appointment, a handwritten note or V-day card can be the perfect way to say I love you (but like, in a client-barber way). 

The good news? This act of adoration doesn’t need to take long. Thank you notes can be tossed in with a product purchase, a recipe of service, or just on the way out. Your clients will love to see a handwritten thank you for being such an important part of your business.

Swoon-worthy Upgraded Loyalty Programs 

This is more of a year-round love idea, but trust us, your clients are going to adore it (almost as much as they adore you). Throw a little extra love at your clients with a kickass loyalty program that spreads the joy (and the love) every time they book an appointment with you.

Not sure if a loyalty program is right for you? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got a blog for that.

Check out our post here that outlines loyalty programs and helps you decide if a loyalty program makes sense for the heart of your business.

Freebie Love 

We’re definitely not saying you should give your work or services away for free, but little swag here and there never hurt anybody. Pop your logo on a hat, a tee, some stickers, etc., and hand them out to your clients as thank yous.

The cool thing about this? It’s dual-purpose. One on hand, it’s a thoughtful gift for the clients you love, on the other, it’s a lot of really cheap advertising (so make sure your swag designs align with your brand!).

Put Them First

Day in and day out, make sure you’re putting your relationships with your clients first. Sure, you need to balance profit and success alongside this goal, but remember, without your clients, profit and success can’t happen. Cater to them, listen to them, and get to know them—make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them when they schedule with you.

Above all, put their needs first. If a client needs extra insight on a style, wants your opinion on a cut, or just wants to dish to you while they’re in the chair, be there for them. This type of love is the most appreciated of all.  

Deliver on Service Discounts 

We’re going to start this with a caveat and say that you should obviously do the math on this beforehand so you’re not losing money. 

Nothing says love like “hey, your service is discounted today.” At least, that’s what we think. Look, it’s great that your regulars are willing and happy to pay your rates (and they should be, of course, you’re a badass barber), but there’s no harm in throwing them a V-day discount on a favorite service (or a new one) to really show the love. 

By now, you’re probably so invested in this love fest you feel like the barbershop cupid struck you with a straight razor. Good—that was kind of our goal. Remember, V-day is the perfect time to give your clients some love and really show them how you much appreciate them—don’t let the holiday go by without coming up with something great. 

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