Fall Forward Before You Fall Back–Preparing Your Fall Barbershop

An empty barbershop sits, awaiting the decor needed to make it a Fall barbershop.
Whether it’s a chill in the air, leaves shifting from green to autumn hues, or pumpkin spice returning to the menu at your favorite local coffee shop, the signs of fall are coming on strong.

There’s something magical about the shifting seasons, and whether you’re in it for spooky movies or fall fashion, you’re not alone in your anticipation. As a barber, you have more reasons than most to get excited and start planning for the new season. 

With new weather comes new trends. People want to shake things up, change their looks, and embrace a new direction. It’s a time full of opportunities, and preparing your shop can set you up for success.

An Autumn Approach for Your Barbering Business

Adjusting your approach as autumn arrives is a prudent decision that can give your barber shop the refresh it needs to thrive. While every shop is different, and your priorities will differ from the shop down the road, there are a handful of fundamental seasonal shifts to consider.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge or simply want to reset and refocus, the following ways to fall forward before you fall back can prepare you for a wonderful and accomplished autumn season.

Decorate for the Season

One of the attractive features of fall is the sense of family, friendship, and community it brings. From bonding around campfires to planning for the holidays, fall brings with it a particular vibe. By leaning into that vibe and creating an environment that enhances it within your shop, you play toward the emotional connection so many people have with this specific season.

Perhaps it’s the leaves or the temperature—either way, fall is a natural time of change. Now is the time to tweak the aesthetic of your shop to match the moment. Consider changing your storefront, putting up some autumn decorations, and otherwise working with the season to make patrons of your shop feel warm, welcomed, and full of fall cheer.

Fall Cleaning (It's Not Just for Spring)

We know that seasonal cleaning is traditionally a spring event. However, fall is the perfect time to take stock of your shop, clean out your proverbial cupboards, and start anew.

Aside from prepping your barber shop for your new fall décor, taking inventory of your assets, including your retail products, helps shift your focus to seasonal client needs. For example, the hair and skin care products you sell may have seasonal usage and value. Evaluating what you have allows you to discount summer products and make room for cooler weather options.

This process prevents older products from sitting on a shelf and clears space for more applicable seasonal products with a higher autumn and winter purchase rate. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Prepare for the Holidays

Fall signals the coming of several popular holidays that are sure to make your customers giddy with excitement. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and more are right around the corner, and each one carries unique opportunities for your shop to thrive.

From stocking your shelves with seasonally appropriate products to decorating your shop with festive displays to running holiday specials on product and service bundles, the opportunities that holidays present are limited only by your creativity. Plus, you can have a bit of fun by leaning into the holiday spirit!

Brush Up on Fall Trends

With new seasons come new barbering trends. By brushing up on what’s in style for the coming fall season, you can stay knowledgeable and prepared when customers come in with trendy requests. From beards to hair (and beyond), the seasonal shift of what’s fashionable hits hard when fall rolls in, so now is the time to ready yourself and your shop.

Consider scouring social media, visiting your favorite barbering blogs, and staying plugged into the barbering community to remain up-to-date on the latest and great fall hair trends.

Refresh Your Social Media

Changing your marketing strategy with the seasons is a successful formula that many businesses leverage to their advantage. As a barber, you can also benefit from refreshing your digital marketing to reflect the autumn season, starting with your social media.

Whether it’s a subtle shift or a recommitment to something you’ve let slip, refocusing your social media strategy this fall can keep your shop busy in a season that can see people’s priorities shift toward other things. Jump on trends, embrace a fall aesthetic, or simply get the word out about your shop’s fall specials.

No matter what route you go with your social media this fall, remain consistent and engaged!

If the crisp air of autumn has you dreaming of holidays, outdoor adventures, and the potential of a new season, we’re right there with you. So, grab yourself a hot beverage, implement the tips above, and prepare to enjoy all of the opportunities your barbershop can experience this fall.

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