Owning Your Own Barbershop: The Must-Know Tips for First-Time Barbershop Owners

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First things first, we want to throw a huge congratulations your way. Owning your first barbershop is an enormous step in your career–one that a lot of barbers might not get to.

You need to applaud yourself for your ambition, tenacity, and commitment to doing great things. We’re proud of you–and you should be proud of you, too.

Secondly, though, we need to start talkin’ barbershop owner tips–because owning your own shop is awesome, but it’s also not always a walk in the park.

We’re not saying this to scare you, just to let you know that barbershop stuff can be tricky, overwhelming, and complicated–especially if it's your first go-round owning a shop!

But don’t worry. We’ve talked with the experts who have been there before, and we’ve got a whole list of must-follow advice, gotta-know tips, and helpful insight that should streamline your first few months owning your very own barbershop. And hey, who knows? These tips might be helpful in the long run, too!

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Top Tips for First-Time Barbershop Owners

There’s so much advice we could give you about owning your first barbershop–but for the sake of brevity and keeping it on topic, we’re going to cover a few of the more concrete concerns you should tackle before you get everything going. In this blog, we’ll talk about liability insurance (of course), location choices, paperwork, outsourcing, and more!

Don’t Skimp When It Comes to Picking Location

That whole “location, location, location” phrase is an adage for a reason.

We’re not going to spend too much time harping on this, but your location does matter–so make sure when you’re considering spots for your barbershop, you’re keeping things like location, walkability, parking, and similar factors in consideration.

Get Liability Insurance ASAP

Sure, sure–the barber insurance company is telling you to get coverage. But listen, we’re not just trying to make a sale.

Liability insurance is an absolute must once you have a shop of your own–especially general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance is a must no matter what capacity you’re working in–because let’s face it, things happen, and you need to be covered. But once you own a barbershop that’s all yours, you’re responsible for everything that happens inside and right outside it, too.

That’s where general liability barber insurance (otherwise known as slip ‘n’ fall insurance) comes into the mix. With general liability insurance for your barbershop, you’re covered if something happens in the vicinity of your shop–alleged or accidental.

Outsource When You Can

Don’t have time to landscape your outdoor space? Hire someone. Can’t schedule the time to keep up with books? An accountant is a must. Is the laundry piling up on top of your other ownership responsibilities? Sign up for laundry services.

We’re not saying that you have an endless budget to exploit, but honestly, owning a shop is a lot of extra work that goes far beyond being a barber–if there are things that are out of your depth or that you simply don’t have time for, they still need to be done. Consider hiring an expert to help you tackle these additional tasks.

Paperwork is Probably Involved

Don’t forget to get the proper paperwork, certifications, and licenses. We know this is boring advice–but you need it to make sure everything is on the up and up.

In other words, you can’t succeed as a business if you don’t have the legal stuff all worked out. So, get with your city or county and make sure you’re in the clear to open that barbershop before you actually do it.

So, what do you think? Are these tips helpful? Are you feeling empowered and ready to kickstart your barbershop owner journey now? We sure hope so. If you’re reading this and have any helpful tips for fellow barbers out there, be sure to drop a comment in the reply section below. We’re sure your fellow first-time owner barbers would love to hear from experienced owners like you, too.

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