Men’s Grooming Trends to Know for Summer 2022

Barbers, we’ve got news for you– summer isn’t just on its way, it’s officially here! You know what that means, don’t you? A whole lot of sun, a little bit of heat, and, hopefully, a bunch of clients looking for the latest looks to rock their summer in total style.

So, with all that in mind, we’ve got just one question for you–are you actually up to date on the latest men's grooming trends? 

We hope so, but if you’re not, no need to sweat about it (you’ll be doing plenty of that in the summer heat anyway). We’ve compiled a list of the must-see, gotta-try, need-to-know, totally-gonna-be-requested-so-you-better-be-ready summer looks that are sure to knock down your barbershop door this sunny season.

Our advice? Take notes, do some research, and start practicing–because believe it or not, these summertime fun styles are going to be BIG this year, and we want you to be more than ready to tackle them all.

Top Men’s Grooming Styles & Men’s Summer Looks for 2022

Now listen up, we’re getting pretty specific with these trends and strictly talkin’ beards. 

Why? Well, for one, because we love them. And secondly, summer is the most challenging time to decide what your beard look should be. Not only do clients need to keep style in mind, but they also want to balance a trendy look that isn’t too hot and itchy during the hottest months of the year.

This job calls for the NAOB team, right? Right. 

Stubble, Please 

We’re all about the stubble, so we’re glad to see this trend resurfacing this summer. When the pandemic hit in the 2020-2021 era, the go-to trend was to let facial hair grow long, rugged, and a little unkempt. We loved it, don’t get us wrong, but we missed the super short, masculine look a stubble beard could give. 

The secret to the perfect stubble? It’s not all about timing when to shave and when to not–it’s all about the outline.

Make sure that you’re giving your clients a stubble beard with a defined outline that accentuates the jaw–that way you’ll really be able to facilitate a sweet, short, stubbled look. 

The best part about the stubble beard? It’s a super manageable look for your clients to maintain at home. So, if you’ve got someone in your chair that doesn’t want to come in for upkeep every few weeks, a stubble beard is the perfect style to try out.

A Tapered Moment 

Let’s get a big round of applause for the tapered beard. Though this style has seen some new popularity, this look is pretty much just becoming a hot style in modern days.

The tapered beard is all about bringing the mass of the volume directly onto the chin and then offering a square, angular finish to help elongate the face. The sides do a wonderful little taper (hey, that’s the name of the beard) or fade all the way down to a 0 for a clean, angular look. 

Have a client with a patchy beard? This might not be the look to opt for. Tapered beards need a lot of volume and plenty of hair to offer a solid look on the sides (we don’t want to show off those patches, after all).

Short, Boxed, Hot 

Boxed is back, baby, and we’re livin’ for the look. This beard style is a must for clients who either like to keep things short and simple, are new to having a beard, or aren’t into the idea of a long, rugged look. 

It’s short, it’s clean, and it offers a little masculine energy without going full Viking beard.

We Love a Van Dyke Look 

Ever heard of that famous Flemish painter? You know his work, probably–Anthony Van Dyke. Sure, the guy knew what he was doing around paint, but he also had a flair for a fabulous beard. 

The Van Dyke beard is modeled specifically after Anthony’s beard-mustache combo extraordinaire. 

The main elements? A nice, diamond shape on the chin plus a mustache–but a disconnected one. What do we love about this look? It’s a perfect go-to for gentlemen with the patchy-cheek look. 

Plus, it can be worn short for a summer-time friendly look or nice and long to grow into the new seasons with you. 

Let us guess–you’re totally on board with all of these looks, right? Yeah, we figured you might be. Listen, get to learnin’ what you don’t know because you’ve got just a few weeks before the hot summer trend requests start rollin’ in. You better be ready to give the people what they’re lookin’ for.

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