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Meet Dan Perri

Expert Content Series

Feat. Dan Perri

What’s up guys? My name is Dan Perri, I am an LA based Hairdresser (specializing men’s grooming, barbering), as well as a BabyLiss PRO Barberology Educator.

As a freelance groomer attending an A-list clientele and traveling around the world sharing my knowledge, (which has been a dream come true), I would say my expertise is image consulting.

Dan's Journey

I started at the young age of 13, shadowing my mother as cutting hair was once her hobby. I became so fascinated by the transformation of a haircut, which led me to enroll myself into cosmetology school.  I would of never guessed it would become my passion, or take me this far.  I cut almost every guy's hair in my high school and felt like I knew at all (as far as barbering goes). 

Now I am a licensed cosmetologist with a strong barbering background, I have become a versatile hairdresser/ groomer, and can merge cosmo & barbering into one piece. After my journey in barbershops from South Florida up to New Jersey, I continued to chase my dreams of becoming a celebrity groomer in Los Angeles.

The importance of holding the vision and trusting the process was embedded in my mind before I even landed in LA—I knew it would either make me or break me. 

On that note, here are my five tips for the barber or stylist who is ready to grow.

Dan's Tips and Tricks 

1. Over the years, I began to focus more on the overall image of a client rather than just a haircut (always remember not everyone can get a fade). It is important to observe a client's head-shape as well as their lifestyle, customize the haircut that fits them from head to toe, rather than head to neck.

2. If social media is for you, you have learned how to use it and balance it with your life then great! It has brought me many opportunities however, I am a strong believer in silence success, if it is not for you right now do not feel obligated to be active in that department now or have FOMO (fear of missing out). Social media will always be there.

As long as you build great content, stay in your lane while at the same time absorbing all necessary information/knowledge from your peers and mentors by networking responsibly, you can do anything.

3. When working with A- list clients, you must remember, do not read into who you are working with. It is so important to stay locked in with A-List clients. It can be easy to fanboy/girl out when working with top music artists, but it's also important to understand you are now apart of their personal life, you have to understand that relationship while not losing vision of the hairstyle.

There are so many factors that can distract you or make you nervous, but adapt, and focus on why you are there.

4. BUSINESS TIP -My one piece of advice for business would be BUILD YOUR BRAND! As barbers and stylists are very lucky to take matters in our own hands and design our career path. Believe in your brand, do not compare it. There is plenty of room for more.

5. You must constantly challenge yourself.

Like the great Alan Watts once said, “You have to meditate in such a way that you identify with your higher self.” How do you do that? Start by watching all your feelings are your thoughts.. not everyone will understand your vision not everyone is meant to.. trust yourself, trust your vision, hold it.. don’t let go despite life challenges.

Trust the process, and try not to look at it as a whole. You’ll be overwhelmed by assumptions that will do nothing but slow you down.

In this beautiful industry, we can take our talents in many different directions. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to get there.

Hold the Vision, TRUST THE PROCESS.

With Love & Peace - Dan Perri

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