Is a Barbering Suite Right for You?

In a barbering suite sits an empty barber chair awaiting customers.
Barbering is an interesting profession in that it grants your tremendous creative liberty and career flexibility. You can develop your style, embrace your unique personality, and even approach your workspace in a number of ways. From opening your own shop to investing in a mobile hair shop, a la the food truck format, there is a myriad of options at your fingertips.

Among the most popular ways to kickstart your barbering career and experience some interesting benefits along the way is to opt for a barbering suite. While this option comes with inherent pros and cons, it is a legitimate opportunity to begin, grow, and succeed in your barbering journey.

If you are unfamiliar with the barbering suite format or considering switching to it, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to give you the synopsis you need to make an informed choice about your barbering career and whether or not a barbing suite is right for you.

What is a Barbering Suite?

In its most basic form, a barbering suite is much like an office space you rent within a larger building. Oftentimes, the other suites will be occupied by businesses in related industries, creating a one-stop-shop of sorts. So, rather than purchasing a space, leasing a standalone building, or choosing to be a part of a larger barbering shop, you enjoy many of the benefits of all three without some of the pitfalls that accompany them.

Why a Barbering Suite is Right for You

While there are some downsides to going the barbering suite route (as there are with all of the other options), the positives are quite compelling. Whether you’re looking for the best way to kick off your career or want to grow your business to a greater degree, the advantages of a barbering suite can help you get there.

More Foot Traffic and Potential Customers

When you share a building with other professionals and businesses, you have access to more foot traffic than you likely would otherwise. This is huge for a barbershop, especially when the people frequenting your building are visiting businesses in similar industries.

For example, it is not uncommon for barbering suites to be nestled next to salons, estheticians, masseuses, and other adjacent occupations. Many customers visiting those shops and services enjoy the convenience of accomplishing several of their errands and meeting many of their needs in one location, giving you the opportunity to increase your client list.

An empty barbering suite awaits new customers.

Upkeep is (Usually) Handled for You

Owning a barbershop is a goal for many aspiring and successful barbers. While this is a wonderful thing to aspire to, it does come with some pretty significant challenges, including managing and maintaining a building. If something goes wrong with the building and repairs are needed, that expense falls on you. So, too, do the costs of upgrades and regular maintenance. That’s a lot of pressure, and it can get pricey.

When you opt for a barbering suite, the building is outside of your responsibility. Any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades are handled by the owner of the building, not the businesses renting suites within it. In other words, it’s a huge concern you no longer have to worry about—simply sit back, enjoy the building, and make the most of your opportunities within the space.

Access to Onsite Amenities

In addition to providing a space in which you can build your business, many buildings that house suites also offer onsite amenities. From laundry to restrooms, you and your clients can enjoy everything the building has to offer in the shared spaces. This often means that you can handle the majority of tasks related to your barbering business without having to venture to outside resources.

You Aren’t Tied to the Location

Choosing to embrace the barbering suite format does not mean you are forever committed to the location. Barbering is a nuanced profession, and you sometimes have to change locations or approaches to best further your career. The fact that you are renting a barbering suite means that you retain the option to move as your business needs shift (within the context of your agreement with the landlord, of course).

If you are ready to purchase your own place and create your dream barbershop, you can. If you need to downsize or move closer to your customer base, that is an option, too. In other words, you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of a barbering suite until a better opportunity comes along. Then, you can seize that!

Renting a barbering suite is a compelling route for many barbers, both those new to the game and seasoned pros. The advantages are many, particularly if you find a space adjacent to businesses in similar industries.

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