How to Prep for a Successful Holiday Season as a Barber

Hoping for a holly jolly holiday this year? 

If you’re a barber, you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking something like “yeah right—a holly jolly holiday season? More like a hectic holiday season.”

And to be fair, there’s a little truth to that. Even if this is your first barbering season as a holiday, you’ve probably been around the block enough times to know that the holidays have the potential to be total chaos for barbers, cosmetologists, and really anyone in the beauty industry.

The good news? This time of year doesn’t have to be wholly hectic—with a little advice, some tips, and a few tricks we’re happy to share, you can expect a streamlined, simplified, and profitable holiday season in the shop this year.

Interested? We thought you might be. Keep reading for a few must-know tips for barbering success this holiday season.

Tips for a Successful Season of Holiday Barbering

Start Preparation Early

In other words, if you haven’t started your holiday planning, you’re already a little behind schedule. That being said, you’ve still got a few weeks before the holiday chaos kicks into full swing, so if you can start your prepping engines now, you’ll probably be good to go for the holiday madness.

Start working on your décor, prep your marketing, and work with your staff or team to determine hours, schedules, and promos. The sooner you start to lay the groundwork, the smoother your holidays will be.

Plan out Décor in Advance

Even if you’re not #TeamDecorateRightAfterHalloween, you still should get your planning done ASAP. Decking your shop with boughs of holly is a must to score points with your festive customers, but that type of décor doesn’t have to happen overnight. If you plan ahead, buy your décor, and schedule a time with your staff (or supportive friends) to deck the halls, you won’t have to try to handle it last-minute, on your own, or missing your favorite holiday activities to do it. 

Get Your Holiday Marketing Strategy On Point

If you haven’t planned your digital marketing strategies for the holidays yet, we’ve got news for you—you’re running late. Running social media campaigns, running targeted holiday promos with your digital marketing tools, and reaching new customers with festive, holiday advertising are all excellent ways to really bring in the big bucks at the end of the year. 

Take a day (or two) and set aside dedicated time to plan your holiday strategy—it’s more important than you might think.

Decide on Your Promos and Start Executing Them Now 

Want to offer some festive discounts to your customers? Hoping to put together cute grab-and-go barber gift baskets by the checkout that customers can pick up in a hurry? Want to piece together an irresistible promo for gift cards? All of those ideas sound great, but whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute.

If you want your barbering promos to be extra effective this year, you’ll probably want to get a move on and start making them happen! The sooner you can kick your marketing into gear, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of those holly jolly holiday promos you dreamed up!

Make Sure Your Stocked Up on the Necessities

And by necessities, we don’t just mean what you need to accomplish the actual barbering you do. We’re talking about retail products that are sure to sell out, gift cards that need to be printed and ready, items that might go in those clever little gift baskets you might want to have prepped and ready at checkout, etc.

Basically, if there’s something you might be running low on, trust us when we tell you it’s time to stock up before the holiday rush kicks in.

We hope this holiday-themed blog brought you all the festive, holly-jolly joy you’ve been looking forward to all year. Remember, even though being a barber during the holidays can get a little cray, there’s no reason you can’t have a smooth, streamlined, exciting, and profitable holiday season.

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