How to Help Your Clients Prevent & Deal with Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

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When it comes to hair loss, there’s no fun way to take a crack at talking about it. Whether you’re a barber who primarily deals with male or female clients, you’re going to (eventually) come to the crossroads where you’ve got to gently open the conversation about hair loss, thinning hair, and preventing further hair loss.

Spoiler alert, it’s a delicate subject. And that’s not to say that every client is going to feel funky about it. 

In fact, some clients will probably be really chill and totally receptive to any tips and advice you can offer, but we always recommend treading those waters as gently as possible if it’s the first time you’re bringing it up. 

But here’s the thing, once you get past the tough stuff and open the door to conversation, the best thing you can provide your client with (aside from understanding and empathy) are actionable tips to prevent further hair loss. 

Bonus points if you’re able to offer them helpful advice for how to deal with any current thinning they might be working with. 

So, we ask you, do you have these tips handy already? If not, consider this blog a great starting point. Keep reading to learn a little more about what you can do for your clients who might be dealing with hair loss or thinning hair. 

And don’t forget, we’re dropping hot knowledge like this all the time, so don’t miss out! to ensure you never miss a barber beat.

How to Help Clients Prevent & Deal with Hair Loss or Thinning Hair

First things first, we want to make a point–hair loss is totally normal. In fact, everyone loses a bunch of hair every single day (somewhere between 50-100 is considered pretty average). 

This blog is dedicated to your clients who are dealing with a more-than-average hair loss, thinning hair, bare patches, and continued thinning issues.  

Try to Get to the Root of the Problem

No pun intended, of course, but hair loss can stem from a myriad of issues. For some, hair loss or thinning hair is genetic, for others it could be stress related. And of course, it could also come from a specific product or technique your client is implementing in their hair care routine.

You won’t be able to adequately help or guide your client unless you can start getting down to the root of this issue. Once you understand what’s going on, you’ll be able to prescribe better services, different tips, and tailor their appointments to help prevent further hair loss. 

Help Them Find the Right Shampoo 

The right hair loss shampoo can make all the difference–make sure you have a long list of recommendations to fit your clients’ needs. 

Help them find and select the right formulas that will revitalize their strands, restore the hair structure from within the fiber, and prevent hair fall due to breakage. 

It’s also a great idea to opt for shampoos that offer bonding to better support hair strands. 

Set Them Up with The Right Treatments 

Tailor their experience at your shop to their hair loss. Ensure the cut you offer and the style you recommend is centered around preventing future hair loss and encouraging regrowth. 

There are tons of tonics, sprays, and treatments out there formulated specifically to revitalize strands, encourage regrowth, and prevent future thinning. Have these treatments on lock so that when you do get a client dealing with hair loss, you’ll have everything on deck for what they need. 

Recommend the Right At-Home Tools 

Try to help your clients find the right at-home tools to prevent further damage. For example, tell your clients to opt for brushes with soft, natural bristles to prevent pulling, tugging, and breakage. 

You can also come up with a go-to list of at-home masks that can help restore and protect your client’s hair so they can put in the work at home without having to come into the shop every week. 

Another great tip to prevent future breakage is to advise your clients to stay away from hot temperatures and hot styling tools. If this is a big part of your clients’ routine, it’s best to advise them to opt for cooler temps or ditch heat altogether. 

Advise Clients on Hair-Safe Styles

Let your clients know that hair styles that pull or tug on their hair might make their hair loss worse. If your clients tend to opt for high ponytails or tight braids, it might be best to offer alternative styles to help prevent further breakage and damage.

Encourage Meetings with Medical Professionals 

The best advice we can offer you to offer your clients is to know when you’re out of your wheelhouse. 

If you’re not dealing with technique issues, normal signs of aging, stress, or product issues, it might be best to direct your clients toward a medical professional who can help them with their unique treatment. 

We hope this advice was more than helpful for you. Do you have tips of your own to offer your fellow barbers when it comes to preventing hair loss? Drop them in the comments below. It’s a safe bet that the NAOB barbering community will be thrilled to hear any advice you’re willing to give. 

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