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You know that old adage, right? The tools make the man (and the woman, of course).

Sure, we know that’s not necessarily true, especially when it comes to being a badass barber—what really makes the man or woman are the skill, talent, dedication, hard work, determination, commitment, and more. But, it’s also hard to deny that having premium tools is definitely one way to ensure you’re being the best barber you can be.

So, no, tools don’t necessarily make the barber, but we’d be lying if we said that a sweet set of no-nonsense sheers doesn’t make the barber that much more prepared for success.

There’s no argument there, right? The real issue isn’t so much a matter of to find great shears or to not find great shears—it’s more of a how the heck am I supposed to choose the right shears?

Stop you’re fretting—this is where we step in to help.

There are billions of questions you can ask about shears—beveled or convex, lefty grip or right, tight tensions or loose—but the reality is, all of that can get really confusing.

That’s why we’ve decided to help you address some of the key shear features that ultimately will help you choose the shears that aren’t just right for your business, but also right for you.

The Shear Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision

Like we mentioned above, there are infinite pairs of shears out there, each with unique factors and facets that can alter the way you cut, trim, style, and more.

So, how exactly do you go about picking the right pair?

It’s not as if you’re able to pick up, practice with, and use each and every pair of shears out there before making your decision (even though, hello, that would be amazing).

But, what you can do is assess and analyze some of the key factors that are fundamental building blocks for shears in general, which will undeniably help you to pinpoint the type of shears that are best for you!

What Type of Shears Are You After?​

This might seem like a loaded question, but it’s the first big weed-out factor for picking out the perfect pair of shears.

Ask yourself what you’ll be using this particular pair of shears for.

Are you looking for the ultimate thick hair cutting tool? Do you need something that’s perfect for delicate cuts? Or are you after more of a do-it-all type of shear? How about double swivel shears? Curved blade shears? Pinking shears with teeth that are zig-zagged?

As soon as you’re best able to answer those questions, you can start answering other questions about your ideal shears, too.

How Badass is the Brand?

Of course, as with anything, it’s important to ask yourself about the brand.

Sure, a pair of subpar shears from a small-ish brand might be less expensive, but what’s their quality in the long rung? Does the brand you’re thinking about buying from have a solid reputation?

When choosing your shears, branding is hugely important—personally, we’ve had great experiences with Hattori Hanzo brand shears (and we’re not afraid to brag about it). No matter which brand you go with, it’s always best to look into their reviews and reputations to ensure you’re not investing your hard-earned money into a brand that’s not worth your time.

Do You Have a Size Preference?

Whoever said size doesn’t matter obviously wasn’t talking about shears—size absolutely matters, especially when you’re thinking about the specifics of what you’d like your shears to accomplish.

Is Material Immaterial?

Listen, we’re not trying to tell you what to do, but go ahead and splurge on the steel shears. Okay—that came off kind of demanding, let’s try that again—consider buying the steel shears.

Why? Because material shouldn’t be immaterial. When you’re buying a pair of shears, you’re investing money into the tools of your business—these aren’t just your everyday scissors, right? We think when choosing shears, high-quality steel is the way to go.

Can You Handle it?

When we talked about materials before, we purposely didn’t mention the handle—not because it’s unimportant, but because we think it deserves its own section. The grip or handle of your shears is going to be hugely important. Think about it—you’re grabbing hold of these bad boys several times a day. Doesn’t that matter? Ask yourself whether you’re all about that opposing grip, offset grip, swivel thumb grip, and more. Are you left-handed?

Consider that for your specific set of shears. Our best advice is to try out each of these grips and handles to see which fits you best—then decide.

Have You Thought About Blades?

There are, of course, tons of blade types out there, but the most common of the types are beveled edge blades and convex blades. Likely, you’ll be choosing between the two for your next pair of shears.  You probably already know this, but your convex shears are a great, all-around blade for cutting all sorts of hair (they’re insanely sharp, so that helps to create a smooth cut). Beveled blades use micro-serrations, which are great for the beginner barbers out there (prevents hair slipping and sliding through your blades) and barber who prefer to dry cut their details.

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