How to Choose the Right Clippers

Barbers Gather 'Round

This Will Change Your Business

Barbers, gather ‘round and pay attention.

When it comes to choosing the perfect tools for your business, you know better than most that its never as easy as picking up a pair at your local barber supply shop. It takes research, it takes knowledge, it takes experience.

And you know what?

That can be wholly overwhelming.

If tools really make or break the barber, then that’s a lot of pressure when it comes to picking the right ones—especially clippers. Your clippers are your right-hand-man, your go-to-and-grab-tool, your every-day-gotta-have-ya-to-make-a-living instruments—it only makes sense that you’d need a premium pair to make your clients’ barbering dreams come true. Right?

If you keep up with our blog, you know we’ve done this kind of thing before (read here: how to pick the perfect pair of shears), and if you’ve followed our advice, you probably know we’re all about quality tools. So, we wanted to step up our game and help you figure out something equally as important—how to pick the perfect pair of clippers.

Check out a few of our must-consider-factors before snagging a pair of clippers.

How’s That Motor Run?

There are a ton of factors to consider when it comes to picking the right pair of clippers, but we definitely think that the motor is a primary point to bring up.


Because that’s how your pair of clippers is going to function—it’s literally the driving factor in how a pair of clippers will operate.

Think of the clippers as the brawn of the operation (you’re the brains, right?)—is it strong enough to power through thick hair? Is it quiet? Does it heat up quickly and make your clippers impossible to use? Is it cordless or does it need to be connected? What about charging sessions, are those feasible?

Take all of these things into account when considering your clipper’s motor.

Brand, Brand, Brand

Obviously, we’re not saying that high-end brands absolutely have to be the go-to, but we do think brands with premium reputations maintain that status for a reason.

When it comes time to pick a pair of clippers, consider brands who have a sound fan base, great reviews, and a stellar rep—personally, we’re all about Andis and Wahl when it comes to clippers, but hey, we’re not here to make your clipper choice for you.

We do think that—upon reading the rest of this article—you’ll find that each of these factors is mastered by both Andis and Wahl.

What Type of Blades Are You Working With?

Think about the actual blades on the clippers for a second.

They seem sharp now, but how long will they stay sharp? Will they require more maintenance than another pair? Is that worth it to you? Alternatively, are the blades too sharp?

Take all of these things into account and consider your clientele—do you need insanely sharp blades?

What Options are Included?

Let’s talk accessories, add-ons, and attachments for a moment.

What’s included with your clipper purchase?

​Do you have enough length options to suit the needs of every specific demographic of your clientele? Are durable guide combs available with these clippers—you know, the kind you can trust to stay put while you’re clipping? How about the ease of the switch? Will your enormous menagerie of add-ons and accessories actually switch out easily, or will it cause you a serious headache? 

Think about the number of add-ons, the quality of additional features, and the ease of use when considering this part of your clipper purchase.

What About the Safety Features?

Take a good, hard look at your clippers—sure, they have tons of accessories, attachments, and of course, they’re super stylish, but what about the safety features?

Do these clippers have rounded blades that will only cut hair and never skin? And what about those attachments you were so fond of, like the ear hair clippers—do they have rounded cones to protect the delicate parts of your clients’ ears?

Always make sure that your clippers are all about safety and function and not just flash and fashion.

Is it Comfortable?

We truly saved the best for last here, because ultimately, we do think comfort is hugely important.

And why shouldn’t it be? This is a tool that’s likely going to be in your hand for like 6-8 hours every day—shouldn’t it feel good? When you’re finalizing your clipper choices, see if you’re able to give the clippers a test run.

Hold them in your hand, maneuver a bit, and really feel how the clippers move in your palm. If it’s a perfect fit, you’ll know.

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