How to Build a Barbering Clientele Community

A pair of barbers work on building their barbershop clientele community while their new clients are in the shop.

As technical as barbering is, the social aspect of the industry is often just as important. While your education, experience, and training are all essential to your ability to provide high-quality services to your clients, the clients themselves are at the heart of your work and your business.

It is this overlap between business and community that has led to some barbershops to be gathering places where people can come together, have conversations, and build lasting bonds. In other words, relationships are an integral part of creating a successful barbershop, and you need clients to form those relationships with.

The question is, how do you build a clientele community? Thankfully, it’s easier now than ever before thanks to the tools at your disposal. Read on for our top tips for developing a meaningful community with your barbershop at the center of it all.

Creating a Community with Your Barbering Clients

If you want to run a successful barbering business, you have to put your clients first. Part of this process involves very simple steps, such as treating them fairly and with kindness. Going beyond these bare minimums, however, can unlock the full potential of your barber shop for community.

Build an Interactive Community with Social Media

The advent of social media signaled a significant shift in how we interact with each other and what we perceive to be community. While laden with both pros and cons, there’s no question that social media platforms make it easier than ever to connect with like-minded people.

Because the vast majority of people are active on social media, they present a unique opportunity to create a community with clients new, established, and future. Not only can you keep your current clientele up-to-date on the latest happenings (such as trends, new products, and community events), but you can also grow your client base by reaching new people within your community.

One of the interesting advantages of social media is its ability to open two-way lanes of communication. You can interact with your clients, and they can interact with you, creating an open dialogue that is essential to true, meaningful connection and community.

Stay Connected with Email Campaigns

A healthy community stays in touch, and sending regular emails to your clients is a fantastic way to do exactly that. Often, email campaigns are used as part of a sales funnel—there is a strategic progression to motivate a sale or acquire a new client.

However, your emails don’t have to stick to this status quo. You can get creative with your email campaigns, giving your clients updates on community events, shop happenings, and more. Whether you’re highlighting a particularly loyal client, welcoming a new team member to the barber shop crew, or announcing a new seasonal schedule, think of your email list as a community bulletin board!

Share Insights and Updates with a Blog

People turn to you because you are an expert in your field. From the products they trust in their skincare routine to the hairstyle they saw on Instagram, they put their appearance and even their health in your hands because you put in the time and effort to learn your craft and refine your skills.

A client smiles while he gets his hair cut by his barber, a pro who has built a barbershop clientele community.

You can continue this relationship while giving free value to your clients by starting a blog and contributing to it consistently. It may be intimidating at first, but once you get started, you’ll be able to generate interesting topics simply by evaluating your professional life and environment.

Talk about the latest trends, share your barbering knowledge, and otherwise provide free value to the clients who form your barbering community. Doing so will improve your reputation as an industry expert, give your clients information they’ll appreciate, and create learning opportunities for everyone involved.

Embrace Your Role in the Community

While digital methods of expanding your clientele community are effective and worth pursuing, it’s important to prioritize meaningful in-person relationships, as well. After all, barbering will always be a hands-on business where interacting with clients is a significant part of the job.

Create a warm space for your clients to enjoy every time they stop by for a haircut (or just to socialize). You can go even further by making your shop a hub of the community. Host seasonal events, open your doors to the community, and get involved in local activities and charities. The people in your community—both clients and otherwise—will take notice and welcome your contributions.

Building a clientele community as a barber is essential to your long-term success. It’s easy enough to fill chairs (initially, at least), but if you want to establish a loyal customer base and a positive reputation in your town, emphasizing community is key.

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