Going Beyond The Traditional Barber

Barbering Beyond the Traditional: 

Take Your Barbering Services to The Next Level 

In our opinion, one of the coolest things about being a barber is that you can be as creative as your heart pleases—and we’re not just talkin’ about how you fade hair, trim a beard, or style in your own wild way.

Barbering gives you the chance to be creative, non-traditional, and free-spirited in more ways than one, especially when it comes to what barbering services you deliver and how you deliver them.

It’s 2020, people—barbering is bigger than ever. But more importantly, barbering is more non-traditional than ever. There are infinitely different ways to set yourself apart from the rest of your barbering competition without having to confine yourself to the restrictions of a traditional barbershop.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with working at or running a traditional shop—especially if you absolutely love it.

We’re just here to express the unique options available out there for barbers who are looking to bring their skills to people in wholly diverse ways.

Not sure what we’re talking about? We’re more than stoked to provide you with some very real examples of how modern barbers are taking their services to the best non-traditional levels ever.

Just remember, these are examples—in no way do we mean these are your only options. That’s the cool thing about modern-day barbering, right? The sky is the limit. 

Go Mobile 

Mobile barbering services are a huge trend right now and TBH, we don’t foresee them going out of style anytime soon. Mobile barbers have the freedom to operate in a myriad of different ways.

You can work as an on-call barber and show up at your clients’ homes, you can rent a booth or a suite, you can show up at an office space for group deals, or you can even create a badass mobile barbering vehicle that you park in optimum locations. 

This type of non-traditional service gives you the chance to work on-the-go, invest your time into establishing a mobile brand, and ensures you’re never stuck in the traditional barbershop setting. 

The best part? There are lots of apps out there that you can use to work in conjunction with your mobile barbering brand. Check out Priv or ShearShare to see what we’re talkin’ about. 

Opt to Become a Monthly Membership Shop 

Sure, you can offer the normal walk-in prices for your regulars who are dedicated to you and your shop, but you could also change your pricing structure to a more non-traditional vibe and offer monthly memberships.

In the end, it’s sort of a win-win—your clients get to pay a flat rate and come in for unlimited cuts, and you make money whether they come in or not.

Our advice? Try setting up multi-tier options that your clients can choose from—consider basic options like unlimited washes and cuts to premium packages that include beard trims, styles, and more! 

Online Barbering Content 

Who says you ever have to meet your clients in person to offer barbering services? Sure, if you’re into the hands-on, physical services, then you obviously need to see your clients to provide your services, but if you’re more about being an educator, offering insight, and teaching people from afar, being a virtual barbering influencer who offers online barbering content could be the perfect, non-traditional career path for you! 

From online how-to-videos, buying guides, Q&A sessions, and more, you can absolutely make a living showcasing your barbering skills without ever being confined to a traditional shop.

Whether you offer tons of free content or tiered levels of content, you can build a pretty big audience in a limited amount of time. 

Rent a Booth or a Suite 

Love to move around but want a semi-permanent solution while you’re bopping around? Look into options for renting booths, suites, or chairs! If you’re not looking to stay in one place but want to continue to offer barbering services while you move around, this is one of the best solutions.

Non-traditional barbers love this opportunity because it gives them a chance to do some freelance work wherever they end up! Just make sure your license is reciprocated wherever you decide to rent. 

Are you a non-traditional barber who offers neat services in unique ways? Let’s hear about it!

We’ve got a comment section below that’s just begging for your barbering insight! Click reply and leave some advice, tips, tricks, and unique options that you think other barbers might need to get their non-traditional gears turning.

Remember, no matter what barbering route you take on your professional journey, you need to invest in barbering liability insurance to protect that journey, your career, and your reputation. 

Not sure where to start that liability insurance search? We’ve got you covered. Check out our policy options here—created for barbers, by barbers. 

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