How NAOB Can Virtually Support Your Career on National Online Learning Day

A barber takes a break from cutting hair to do a little online learning.

You know what they say about the barbering industry, right? It's always changing. It's true–any career that's centered in the beauty or barbering industries should be ready for a wild ride because everything about it (the techniques, the latest styles, what clients are looking for) is constantly changing. 

The consistent evolution is part of the fun of the industry–but it can also be challenging to keep up. How can you–a committed and talented barber–be sure that you're always on top of the latest trends without having to enroll in barbering and cosmetology school over and over (and over)? 

We've got two words for you: Online Learning.

Online learning is the go-to resource for barbers who are looking to stay up to speed with everything–continuing education, new certifications, techniques, and beyond. And in honor of National Online Learning Day (mark your calendars for Sept. 15 every year, you guys!), we're sharing just a few of the ways that NAOB supports your online learning journey. 

Keep reading for in-depth info on how you can lean on NAOB to ensure your online learning, growth in this industry, and promising career can all flourish!  

How NAOB Supports Barbers With Online Educational Resources 

Here's the thing about online learning–it's convenient, accessible, and in most cases, it's extremely affordable. 

At NAOB, we fully understand the value of online learning; that's why we've created endless resources for barbers, barbering students, and even barbering hopefuls to help nudge you in the right direction, provide adequate resources to help you learn, and support you with the continuing education you need to improve your skills and boost your career. 

Here are just a few ways we proudly contribute to online learning! 

Exclusive Online CE Opportunities 

At NAOB, we make sure each and every one of our members is given access to deals and discounts on online continuing education opportunities! As a member of NAOB, you'll gain access and exclusive discounts on continuing education opportunities, including memberships to educational magazines, occasional discounts on CE programs, and, above all, notification about exclusive CE offers. 

A barber cuts his client's hair while discussing some of his online learning options.

Ongoing & Continuous Digital Education 

If you're new to our blogs, we've got good news for you–this one is just the tip of the iceberg. 

For years, we've been uploading digital education packed with barbering value to ensure that your growth journey is never over. In every blog, we're sharing insight with you on the full spectrum of the barbering world. 

Career advice, marketing tips, customer service guidance, techniques, industry gossip–you name it, we're covering it every week on the blog. 

Take a peek at our backlog so far (we've got YEARS of goodness awaiting you), and make sure you subscribe to NAOB so you always know when the latest digital education is dropping! 

eBooks, Guides, & Checklists  

Speaking of digital resources, we don't just stop at our blogs! 

We're constantly uploading helpful (and totally FREE, BTW) info and resources that can answer industry-specific questions, provide you with step-by-step guidance, and even help you take the next steps in your business.

Here are just a few of the eBooks, guides, and checklists we've got up our sleeves–you better believe there's more where these came from! 

Barbering Liability Education & Insurance 

Above all, one of the online learning opps we're most proud of is our commitment to barbering liability education. Yes, of course, we're an insurance company and, of course, we're going to have our insurance up for grabs on our site–but more importantly, we're committed to helping you learn about the ins and outs of liability in general. 

NAOB is consistently dropping knowledge about liability insurance, why it's important for barbers, and how it can impact your shop if you opt not to invest in it. 

And honestly? We're not even really trying to push you toward us (though, TBH, we do have great coverage). We're mostly trying to ensure that you're informed, educated, and getting the coverage you need–whatever that might be! 

Our site, our blog, and our resource center have plenty of info about liability education! We highly recommend every barber–student or seasoned pro–check it out! 

Are you committed to furthering your barbering career? If you're reading this blog, that's the best bet we've got. And honestly, we're always here to help! Whether you're 

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