Holiday Marketing Tips For Your Barber Shop

The Top Promos, Deals, and More That You Need to Run in Your Barbershop This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—especially if you’re a barber.

Why? Because any professional in the hair, beauty, or barbering industry knows that once the holiday cheer starts hitting people hard, the customers flock in for their holiday haircuts. It’s a reality we, as barbers, can’t get enough of.

Though you will likely experience the mass influx of holiday customers coming your way, that doesn’t have to be the limit on your holiday earnings. There are plenty of ways to increase your sales, maximize your profit, and bring in more customers than ever before.

How, you ask? Marketing.

Holiday marketing is everything—it’s not terribly difficult, it requires just a little bit of innovation, and honestly, it’s pretty dang fun. We’ve listed out a few of the best marketing tips, promos, tricks, and advice in the barbering biz.

Implement a few of these strategies and watch your customer base multiple this holiday season.

Gift Packages Galore

Don’t be afraid to start offering holiday service packages. You’re already going to be bringing in customers for the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to maximize your services and reach more people.

Theme your service packages as holiday offerings to encourage people to get in for appointments before their holiday celebrations. Better yet, offer holiday packages as the perfect gift for friends, family, and more.

Another great way to go about this? Create ready-to-go gift packs for customers so they can purchase the best-of-the-best products for the men or women in their life. 

Gift packages are tempting to customers because they help to take out the guesswork and ensure they’re giving their loved ones quality gifts.

If you take a little time to curate these gift packages with products you already sell, you can boost your revenue this holiday season.

The Power of the Hashtag

If you follow our blog, you know we always preach about being social media literate for your digital marketing—so, this blog post is no exception. 

If you’re planning on running a holiday campaign or a holiday service package, make sure you’re coming up with a catchy, easy-to-remember, and easy-to-find hashtag that people can simply search on social media platforms.

More than that, remember to use this hashtag—creating strategic posts using this hashtag will help create buzz and draw views.

Live Holiday-How-To Videos

This feeds into the whole social media literacy thing. Creating holiday how-to cut videos (before the holiday season really gets into the swing of things) can be a great marketing tool. 

People love when professionals offer quality content and free education, and it makes them more likely to work with you in the future. Be sure to include your information in these videos, mention your holiday specials, and have clear direction on how people can schedule appointments with you.

Also, don’t forget to mention that holiday hashtag we talked about.

Use Data to Your Advantage

If you’re collecting data from your clients (which, you should be), use that to your advantage before the holiday season hits. Send out fun, festive holiday cards to your current clients wishing them well and reminding them of your holiday specials.

Even if your customers don’t take advantage of those holiday specials, they’ll feel valued and important, which is a huge factor in keeping regular clients at your shop.

Charity Drives & Fundraisers

This is less of a marketing tactic and more of a community-building method.

While you don’t need a holiday to show your community how much you truly care, orchestrating a charity drive or a fundraiser during the holiday season can typically reap great results for the organization you’re hoping to help.

Get creative with how you can encourage a fundraiser—consider donating beauty products to local women’s shelters or encouraging clients to bring in toys for a toy drive you’re running.

Offer a little incentive, if you’d like—free bang trims for everyone who brings in 2 toys (or something similar!).  

Make Gift Cards the Must-Have Gift

Sometimes, people need a little extra help finding the perfect gift for their loved ones—that’s where you come in.

Having gift cards as holiday gifts is one of the best marketing strategies for the holiday season. 

Make sure your gift card process is easy to buy, easy to send, and easy to customize, too. Once you set up your holiday gift card program, get the word out​—post on social media, have signs up in your shop, ensure your website is updated with options to buy online!

People love to give their loved ones the gift of hair care, so don’t be surprised when you rake in a ton of extra $$ off gift card sales.

Have more marketing tips for our barbering community? Good! We want to hear them.

Share your advice, insight, and experience in the comments section—we want to know what deals you’re running this holiday season. 

If it’s other types of advice, tips, or tricks you’re looking for within the barbering community, you’re still in the right place!

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