Become a Freelance Barber

Become a Freelance Barber: 

How to Get Started & What You Need to Know

Let’s be honest—being a barber is pretty badass.

For starters, it’s a skills-driven industry, so the more you put into it, the more you can expect to get out of it. In other words, hypothetically, the more time you invest in yourself, your talents, and your business, the better you’ll probably do in the barbering world (barring any unforeseen or crazy circumstances, of course—which, BTW, barber liability insurance can safeguard you from).

The very best part about being a barber, though?

It’s hard to narrow down, but if we had to pick one aspect, we’d absolutely say the flexibility.

With barbering, you don’t need to be tied to a specific place, a specific company, or a specific specialty—in other words, you can do anything, anywhere, at any time and still make the barbering thing work in your favor.

Awesome, right?

We think so. Freelancing opens up a world of beautiful barbering opportunities, and it’s something that barbers of all styles and skill levels can take advantage of.

Interested in this route? We bet. Have like, 1,000 questions about it? Yeah, we figured. Maybe you’re wondering if this path is a good fit for you? Maybe you’re curious to figure out if and how you could make this freelance barber thing work for you.

Whatever the deal is, you’re probably ready to address several points before you take the plunge into the barbering freelance world. We’re here to help.

Check out what we’ve got to say about kicking off your freelance barber career below and begin figuring out how to make it happen for you!

The Top Freelance Barbering Tips You Need to Know

Quick disclaimer—this list is just the very start of what you should look into when considering a freelance barber career. Don’t get us wrong, these facets are super important, they’re just not all-encompassing. Our advice? Read this, take notes, and dive into a little more research to really get a feel for what you might be getting into!

Struggling to Start? Find a Middleman—Apps are Your Friend

Believe it or not, there are plenty of barber-specific apps out there making the effort to get in on the freelance barbering game in one way or another. These apps? Well, they could be the middleman you’re looking for to help you find success as a freelance barber.

Check out apps like ShearShare, Groomed, and The Cut — all of these apps are helpful for independent barbers who are looking to build up their freelance clientele.

ShearShare is a unique app that helps hook you—the freelance barber—up with salon or barbershop space when you need it. It’s made specifically for licensed barbers and cosmetologists who want to bounce around from space to space and book when and where they want.

Think of Groomed and The Cut as like the Uber of barbering — these apps hook you up with clients who want you to come to them and groom them! It’s modern, it’s tech-savvy, and it’s a great way for freelancers to get connected with clients.

Marketing is Key

As a freelancer, marketing is your job, so you’ll need to find creative ways to get good at running your marketing strategies. In other words, social media is about to be your best friend. Get media savvy and invest in some free YouTube lessons on how to use these platforms to benefit your business.

We’ve got a few resources that can help, too:

Flash Those Certs & Licenses

This is what we like to consider short and sweet advice—keep your certs front and center so clients can see your credibility.

Listen, it’s not you—it’s human nature. We’re all constantly looking for credibility and we’re all pretty damn skeptical, this is especially the case when you aren’t working with a brick-and-mortar, established barbershop. Get out in front of this by showing off your certs and licenses ASAP.

Reviews Front & Center

Remember what we just said about people being skeptical if you’re not working with an established barbershop? It’s true, but there are ways to combat that. You probably have a whole slew of positive, raving reviews, right? Well, optimize those bad boys so that when your clients look for you on the web, those reviews pop up front and center, quelling any doubts they might have had in the first place.

Develop & Foster Positive Client Relationships

Another round of short and sweet advice, but hear us out—be good to your clients. Actually, scratch that, be over-the-top great to your clients. You have a reputation to build and a clientele to develop, it’s up to you to be the best barber possible to the clients who put their trust in you.

Make Sure Your Covered—Insurance is Non-Negotiable

No matter where you work, know this—anything can happen. With top-notch, cutting-edge barber liability insurance, you’ll be protected from the unexpected, the unlikely, and the unanticipated, ensuring that you and your future are covered.

Are you feeling ready to kickstart your freelance career? We’ve got all the faith in you.

We’ve also got the right type of freelance barbering liability insurance you need to protect yourself, your career, and your future. Have questions? We’ve got you covered. Reach out to our team anytime and we’ll hook you up with the answers you seek!

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