Expedite Your Barbershop Sanitization Process–Without Cutting Corners

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Unless you’re someone who like really enjoys cleaning (and more power to you if you are), it’s probably safe to say that you don’t love the barbershop sanitization process. Don’t get us wrong; we know that you have to sanitize your shop and your tools regularly–but that doesn’t mean it’s fun.

Trying to figure out the best way to sanitize is one journey–trying to figure out the best way to speed up the process is another. But what if we told you there’s actually a way to combine cleanliness with speed? What if we told you that you could expedite your sanitization process without sacrificing the quality of your cleaning session?

Well, good news. There are ways you can do just that. 

If you’re someone who’s trying to do things by the book but also trying to expedite the process, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is going to dive into some quick tips to help you cut your sanitization time wherever possible–all without actually cutting corners.

So, suit up–it’s time to get your sanitization on. And you can bet this read will be quick and convenient, just like the tips we’re sharing with you.  

The Top Barbershop Sanitizing Tips You Need to Speed Up Your Cleaning Process

It’s tough. Sanitization is absolutely necessary for the health and wellness of your customers–but it’s also so tedious and painfully boring. 

Want to expedite this cleaning thing? The best thing you can do is follow along with some of these tips to ensure that you’re not just getting things done right, but you’re getting them done quickly, too. 

Set Up a Schedule

The no. 1 best thing you can do for your sanitization process is to set up an actual schedule. No, it’s not a life-hacky, sexy tip that feels powerful, but it is the biggest change in the game when it comes to a quick and efficient sanitization schedule. 

What this schedule helps you with are consistency and cohesion. If you’re constantly wasting your time guessing when the last time you sanitized was, you’re not saving yourself any valuable time or effort. 

Creating a schedule that has everything laid out, dated, and, dare we say, scheduled is such a time saver when it comes time actually to sanitize everything. 

Stick to that Schedule (Seriously)

Don’t be all talk and no action–if you set up a schedule, stick to that schedule! It’s not enough to just create the schedule and then avoid it entirely. 

Keep that schedule alive–make sure you’re following through. It might feel tedious at first, but the more often you do it, the more routine it’ll become (and the faster you’ll get it done, to be honest). 

Divvy Up the Tasks 

There’s no shame in the delegation game. If you’re a shop owner and you have employees, you should absolutely make them responsible for the regular sanitization of their stations and tools. Remember that schedule you created? Include them in it and make sure they know their duties. 

Do you work alone? If it’s within the budget, consider outsourcing your heavier sanitization days to a team of professionals. 

There’s nothing wrong with dividing and conquering when it comes to running a business, and if sanitization just isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it–find a more efficient way to get it done. 

The 5-Minute Rule is Key 

Have a few free moments throughout the day? Utilize them! Be productive and proactive with the five-minute cleanup rule. Have a quick second to yourself? 

Sanitize some combs. Got a half-hour before your next client? Wipe down and sanitize your workstation. If you tackle things incrementally when you have the time instead of putting them off when you have a larger chunk of availability, they’re not going to pile up the same way. 

Organize Your Barbershop Sanitization Station

Don’t set yourself back with a disorganized station. If you spend the first half-hour of your sanitization process searching for your product, you’re wasting more time than necessary. If you can keep your products organized at all times, you’ll cut way back on the time you spend looking around for your tools and products.  

Checklists for the Win 

When you start your sanitization process, do you actually know what you’re supposed to be doing? Setting yourself up with success via a checklist is the best way to ensure you’re running a productive and efficient sanitization session. 

Don’t waste time walking around and guessing what’s next–know what you’ve got on your plate before you even start. Then, cross off those tasks and date them so you can see when you last sanitized certain areas or tools. 

Stay Stocked on Product 

The quickest way to get behind on sanitization is not to have the product you need in stock. Make sure you’re always restocking your cleaning supplies and sanitization inventory so that when you do go to reach for your product for a quick sanitization sesh, you’re good to go every time. 

Got a few tips of your own to share with the barbershop crew? Be our guest! Drop a comment in the reply section below and share your sanitization schedule, major tips, and helpful tricks for keeping things clean quickly without cutting corners.

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