The Easiest & Best Ways to Gain Barbering CE Credits

A barber focuses on the details of a client cut, practicing new skills he learned in his barbering CE credits course.

If you are someone who enjoys expanding your knowledge and skill set, especially in a professional setting, you’ve come to the right place. There’s something innately rewarding about learning new skills and refining those you already have.

The personal growth alone is enough motivation for many people, but if you’re looking for more reasons to continue your education, consider this—you can grow your professional career by leaps and bounds by doing so!

Barbers are in a unique position where they have to keep up with the latest trends, continually refine their skills, and otherwise persistently improve in order to remain at the top of their game. From the ins and outs of daily work to leveling up your pedigree in the eyes of potential clients (and your state’s licensing board), continuing your barbering education is key.

Continuing Education Credits for Barbers

If you want to improve your skillset, attract new clients, grow your career, and keep up with your proper barbering licensing, you’ll undoubtedly be looking for easy ways to gain CE credits as a barber. Thankfully, it’s not as difficult or frustrating as you might think.

There are several ways to receive the continuing education you need without adding stress to your already busy life. It’s simply a matter of determining the best route for you and your career.

Check Out Your Local Learning Institute

Often time, your local learning institution will offer courses where you can earn CE credits as a barber. These courses are typically designed for the working professional, meaning they are meant to work around your schedule. Whether they are hosted on weekends or after work hours, most of these courses are accessible to even the busiest barbers.

This is also a great way to network and get to know your local barbering community. For those looking to grow both their knowledge and their community, taking barbering courses at local learning institutes is one of the best ways to have a comprehensive experience.

This image shows a close up visual of a new fade pattern a barber learned in his barbering continuing education course.

Attend Barbering Conventions and Expos

Speaking of community, plugging into what’s happening in the barbering industry by attending barbering conventions and expos is a fantastic opportunity. These events are one of the premier chances to view new products, be exposed to up-and-coming styling trends, and stay in the know. As it so happens, they are also an easy way to gain CE credits for barbers.

Most barbering expos will present opportunities to attend classes and seminars that can count toward your continuing education. In addition to seeing the latest and greatest barbering, you can expand your skillset and satisfy the requirements that your state requires for certification and licensing. Plus, barbering conventions tend to be a blast, especially for those who are passionate about their craft.

Use Online Barbering Resources

If you are not fond of big events, live somewhere without access to barbering expos and local learning institutions, or simply prefer to accrue your continuing education credits at your own speed and in your own style, online barbering resources are for you. Online courses are an excellent way to continue improving as a barber, and most of them allow you to learn and receive credit in a highly flexible manner.

Don’t worry about missing out on connecting with fellow barbers, either. A lot of online barbering courses give you the opportunity to work with and learn alongside other professionals. You get the benefits of online learning, including flexible scheduling and the ability to complete courses from anywhere, without sacrificing the relationships that make continuing education extra valuable.

As a bonus, there is a myriad of online barbering courses available. You can choose those that work best for you and align with your interests and specialties. While in-person courses have an intrinsic value that online resources may not be able to match, online continuing education grants you a selection that in-person options likely cannot.

Continue Your Barbering Education with the National Association of Barbers

The National Association of Barbers (NAOB) is known for providing top-tier barbering liability insurance. When you choose to partner with NAOB to protect your barber shop and career, you’re investing in far more than just insurance, however. You are investing in your future as a barber.

Along with a host of other perks, NAOB members receive access to numerous resources and continuing education opportunities each year via NAOB’s impressive list of partners. It’s a convenient and valuable (in every sense of the word) perk that can’t be overlooked.

If you are someone who enjoys expanding your knowledge and skill set, especially in a professional setting, you’ve come to . There’s something innately rewarding about learning new skills and refining those you already have.

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