Do Barbers Really Need a Social Media Presence?

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Social media is a hot business topic, no matter what industry you’re in. So, it should come as no surprise that social media–and the necessity of it–has leaked its way into the barbering biz. In the past, barbers could make a killing in their field even if they had never stepped foot into the digital world. 

Websites? They didn’t matter. Reputation was everything. Word of mouth ruled. And having open doors in the same spot for years kept customers continually coming back for more. 

Now, however, social media is a must for all industries–barbers included. 

Though there are certainly exceptions to this rule, the fact of the matter is that we’re living in a digital world and a digital footprint is a crucial part of keeping your business running smoothly.

But it’s not enough to just look every barber in the eye and say, “you have to do this–and we’re not telling you why.” Like everything else in the barbering biz, there’s a reason behind the necessity. And today, we’re here to share that with you.

Feeling a little lost when it comes to social media? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got a guide that’ll walk you through the basics–check out our Barber Social Media Guide to get a jumpstart on your social media marketing journey. 

So, the short answer to the question, “do barbers really need a social media presence?” is an easy one–yep, they sure as heck do need a social media presence. The why behind that quick “yep” is a little bit longer. Let’s dive in! 

The Top 8 Reasons Barbers Need Social Media in Their Marketing Strategy

Social Media is Where the Bulk of Your Audience Already Is 

There’s no denying this point–that’s why we put it first on our list. The fact of the matter is that your audience–pretty much no matter who they are–is already on social media. That’s going to be the easiest, most streamlined, most direct way to meet them where they already are.

Don’t buy it? Well, the numbers don’t lie. Over half of the world’s population is now using social media. That means there are about 4.7 billion people in the world that are using social media–and that number is only growing every day. 

Why does this matter? Because finding effective, affordable ways to capture and communicate with your audience is crucial to not only getting your name out there but drawing in new customers. This is also a key strategy for customer retention. 

Social Marketing Increases Brand Awareness & Exposure 

You want to get your brand out there? Social media marketing is the way to do it. The fact is this–if people don’t know about your business in the first place, they simply cannot become your customer. How do you expect to garner a customer base if they’ve never even heard about you? Getting your name out there is crucial–and social media is the most impactful, affordable way to do that. 

Gives Your Brand Authority 

You want to be viewed as the expert in your industry? It’s going to be hard to swing that without an active, engaging social media strategy. We just mentioned how there’s no denying that your audience is on social media platforms (we’re looking at you, Instagram)–that’s where they’re going to want to see social proof. People are looking for brands with insight, information, and guidance–if you can provide that on social media platforms, you can establish your brand as the authority in the industry. 

Networking, Networking, Networking 

Remember how we said everyone is on social media? We weren’t lying. But when we say everyone, we’re not just talking about customers–we’re talking about fellow professionals, barbering colleagues, mentors, and more. Social media presents a unique opportunity for you to connect with people you can learn from, mentor or be mentored by, and form professional and personal relationships with. Name a better, more convenient way to network than social media–give it a try! 

Boosts Web Traffic

There’s a direct correlation between your social media platforms and your web traffic for your site–especially if you’re cross-linking your website into your platforms. You know how people are always saying things like #LinkinBio? Well, putting your website link on your social media platforms does actually increase web traffic to your site. And if you know how digital marketing goes, half the battle is getting someone to your site–the rest is (usually) easier after that. 

Continuing Education (Often for Free) 

As we mentioned before, it’s not just about customers when it comes to social media–it’s about furthering your career, too. If you’re not on social media, you might not know it, but there are limitless resources out there from professionals like you sharing their expertise, knowledge, tutorials, and so much more. Social media could be the key to helping you find the continuing education course you want to take, keep you aligned with the current trends, and connect you with the resources you need to level up your skills at all times. 

Direct Communication with Customers 

Social media provides you with a unique opportunity to speak directly with your customers, potential customers, or fans of your work. Sure, email exists, and phone numbers do too, but social media is the go-to way for direct communication nowadays–if you’re not active on your platforms and engaging frequently, you’re missing out on the chance to form relationships with your clients, your followers, and your fans. (And that can mean missing out on major business opportunities). 

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