Begin Your Barber Business Success Story with Digital Marketing

A barber promotes her barber business with digital marketing and social media photos.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Digital marketing can help you reach your ideal audience and convert customers–both essential to building a barber business. With the right digital marketing strategy, your success story is within your grasp. In this article, we'll explore that strategy. 

Finding success as a barber is a journey. It can be filled with twists and turns and will undoubtedly have its share of ups and downs along the way. While much of your path to success relies on your education, hard work, industry connections, and a touch of luck, there are some strategic choices you can make that will help you achieve your goals.

Among these integral steps to building your barber business is establishing a strong approach to digital marketing. Whether you already have a digital marketing plan in place or are starting from scratch, the following tips could unlock the full potential of your strategy and jumpstart your barber business success story.

Begin Your Barber Business Success: the Digital Marketing Edition 

How Digital Marketing Can Build Your Barber Success Story

Upgrade Your SEO

Your digital identity is tied to your brand elements and voice. They’re how you communicate with your clients, convey who you are, and make a compelling case for why customers should choose to support your barber business. The problem is that your brand and digital marketing can only be effective if people have the opportunity to encounter them.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of keywords on your website and in your content that signals to search engines what your brand is all about, your authority on the subject, and so on. Long story short, the better your SEO, the higher your website will rank. In other words, SEO increases your visibility, helps you reach your ideal audience, and makes you look like the industry expert that you already are, making it an absolute must for effective digital marketing.

Keyword research is paramount to successfully optimizing your website and content, as is learning how to integrate those keywords organically. For the best results, it pays to work with someone who specializes in SEO, but there’s no reason you can’t get started on your own!

Start a Barbering Blog

A key component of marketing is offering value. If you can offer your audience value while also establishing your digital identity as an expert voice in your industry, that’s a win-win. Blogging gives you a way to accomplish both of these goals while driving traffic to your website, building your brand awareness, and strengthening your digital marketing presence.

Your blogs are a vessel for SEO, which is vital. More than that, they are an opportunity for you to share your knowledge with people, provide them with free value, and become a more recognizable name in your barbering niche. Blogs boost your website traffic, improve your search engine rankings, allow you to connect with potential customers, and otherwise create an avenue for your digital marketing strategy to take root.

Staying consistent with your blog is essential. Establish a schedule, develop a recognizable brand voice, and try to remain as consistent as possible to see the greatest results.

"Your blogs are a vessel for SEO, which is vital. More than that, they are an opportunity for you to share your knowledge with people, provide them with free value, and become recognizable in your niche."

Encourage Google Reviews

Client reviews have always mattered. They provide you with valuable feedback to learn from and can act as powerful word-of-mouth marketing tools. Now, online testimonials are taking precedence. Potential customers turn to online reviews to vet your barber business before they commit to becoming clients, so those reviews matter a lot.

Beyond these already influential aspects of online reviews, Google reviews are becoming more and more integral in your online growth potential. Accumulating reviews helps establish you as a reputable and thriving barber business. They play a role in your SEO and visibility, allow you to interact with customer feedback, and drive traffic to your website. Because Google is the most dominant search engine, prioritizing Google reviews by encouraging clients to leave reviews of their own is a great way to make your digital marketing more effective.

Create Content that Connects

A client allows his barber to shape his fade at his barber business.

Whether it’s on your blog, in an email campaign, or on your social media platforms, the content you create is the most important touchpoint your audience has with your digital marketing. As such, it is essential that your content connects with your ideal customer in meaningful ways. It should engage them, encourage them to interact, and spark action.

Determining your digital identity and brand voice, as well as clearly defining who your audience is, can be the difference between content that connects in powerful ways and content that falls flat. Experiment with different things, stay consistent, and refine your approach once you find something that works. You can also employ the help of an expert to elevate your content and its effectiveness. Remember, the investment is worth it when the outcome is writing your barber business success story!

Utilizing the resources available to you is one of the best ways to grow your barber business and find the success you’re striving for. For more barbering insights, be sure to subscribe to the National Barbers Insurance and peruse our regularly-updated blog. With regular updates ranging from barbering trends to tax tips, we have no doubt that you’ll find the information you need to excel.