Barbering Liability Insurance FAQs – We’ve Got the Answers You Need

Barbering liability insurance FAQs are the topic of conversation
Like any profession, barbering comes with risks. Every day, you put your livelihood on the line, trusting in your skills and hard work to build a career. The time spent honing your craft and paying for education was a calculated risk, as well. So, too, are the investments you make in the tools of your trade and the space in which you practice.

At the end of the day, however, all the challenges are worth it. You get to live your passion, embrace your craft, and help others achieve the confidence-inspiring looks they crave. It’s a pretty sweet deal for those who love barbering and all that accompanies it, like shop culture and being a hub of the community.

If you love what you do and want to preserve it for years to come, finding ways to protect yourself and your business in the face of the unthinkable is absolutely necessary. That’s where barbering liability insurance comes in. That’s right; barbers should have liability insurance!

Liability Insurance for Barbers – Answering the Most Common Questions

For many barbers, the idea of liability insurance comes as a surprise. Others are aware of it—they might even know they need it—but they’re just not sure of the details.

Whether you’re in the first group, the second, or a category of your own, we’re here to answer barbering liability insurance frequently asked questions. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this essential topic.

What is Barbering Liability Insurance?

No matter how high quality your barbering services are, there’s always the possibility of a lawsuit. Often, these claims aren’t a result of your mistake or negligence—they occur out of happenstance. No matter the cause, the average claim in the industry is over $5,000, which can be a huge blow to your business and your finances.

Liability insurance for barbers protects you from these unforeseen circumstances. The best policies include both professional and general liability insurance for barbers (and then some, such as product liability insurance). By investing in a quality, comprehensive policy, you can protect yourself from most (if not all) claims.

Professional Liability Insurance vs. General Liability Insurance

A proper liability insurance plan will include professional and general liability coverage. Combining these two distinct types of liability insurance ensures that you are covered in a multitude of scenarios.

General liability insurance is not industry specific, nor is it inherently tied to your actions as a barber. Commonly called “slip and fall” insurance, this type of insurance covers accidents that are not necessarily related to your professional services. If, for example, one of your clients trips over a loose floorboard or slips in the bathroom, general liability insurance will cover the resulting claims of personal or property damage.

Professional liability insurance, on the other hand, is directly connected to your services. Consider it malpractice insurance—if an injury or loss occurs during the services you offer, you may face a claim. Whether it’s a slip of your sharp barbering sheers or a client experiencing an allergic reaction to one of the chemicals you use, professional liability insurance protects you from the fallout.

Other Coverages to Look for in a Barbering Liability Insurance Policy

While professional and general liability insurance are by far the two most important forms of coverage any policy should provide, there are other types of insurance to look for as a barber. Identity protection, product liability, rental location damage, and equipment insurance are all fantastic examples of less common but extremely useful-forms of insurance.

Do I need Barber Liability Insurance if I’m not a Shop Owner?

Yes! Whether you’re a student still training to become a barber, renting a chair at an establishment, working part-time, or a successful entrepreneur with a chain of barber shops, you should have liability insurance. In short, if you are working with people and could be exposed to a claim, you should protect yourself and your future by investing in insurance.

Are There Other Advantages to Liability Insurance Policies?

There sure are. Reputable providers, like the National Association of Barbers, offer robust coverage and a host of perks to accompany it. From facilitating your continuing education as a barber to helping you get your website up and running, NAOB gives you the tools to barber with confidence and equips you for success.

What Else Should I Know About Barbering Liability Insurance?

If you’re ready to look at specific plans and their costs or simply want to be thorough and do a bit more research before making a final decision, there’s plenty of knowledge to gain about liability insurance for barbers. We encourage you to check out our FAQ page, peruse our website, visit our blog, and subscribe for all the latest barbering insights your heart could ever desire.

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