BarberCon 2019

Everything you need to know about BarberCon

Barbers get your straight razors and electric clippers ready because BarberCon 2019 is comin’ at you.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of it?

Well then, allow us to introduce you to the life-changing, business-growing, skill-developing event known as BarberCon.

Whether you’re new to the barber game or you’re a seasoned professional, the annual BarberCon event is going to be endlessly valuable to your business, your skills, and your career!  This event is a huge celebration of the barbering industry, offers tons of educational classes, features live demos, hosts hundreds of awesome vendors, and even features 50 of the top names from the barbering, men’s grooming, and cosmetology industries.

If you’re thinking about attending just based on our intro, then we’ve totally done our job (high-fives all around for the team at the National Association of Barbers). But, if you’re still a little hesitant, need more information, or have questions about the event, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our post below for a little more in-depth info about BarberCon, the answers to some of your BarberCon questions, and most importantly,  information about how you can get your hands on a few tickets for you and your barber colleagues.

Happy barbering, friends!

What is BarberCon?

Before we hit you with the heavy info, let’s start by just diving right into what exactly BarberCon is. This event is more than just a barbering expo, it’s a premier, global festival for the barbering community. It kicked off in 2016, so it’s still a fairly new expo, but it had instant success, drawing in thousands upon thousands of barbers, bringing together high-profile experts, as well as amateurs, from all around the world.

This dynamic event is hosted in two different cities over the course of two days (just one day if you’re attending in LA, but more on that later) and includes an entire agenda for the thousands of barbers who attend. If you choose to attend BarberCon this year – in either New York City or LA – you’ll have access to live hair tutorials and demonstrations, an enormous vendor BarberCon marketplace (so large it encompasses both an indoor and outdoor area), countless education classes, hands-on workshops, an outdoor festival, and of course, talks and demos from the top barbers and cosmetologists in the industry.

The best part? At the end of the two-day celebration, Barbershop Connect will present the prestigious and much-coveted BarberCon awards to the cream-of-the-crop of our industry. Expect fun awards like the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Best Female Barber Award, the Best Fade Award, and dozens more!

You won’t want to miss this event.

What Can I Expect to Gain from Attending BarberCon

Okay, aside from the fact that you’ll be at an amazing event where you can likely get crazy discounts on some of the greatest products out there from your favorite vendors, what are you really going to gain from attending BarberCon?

That’s a long answer to spell out for you, friend, so saddle up and sit tight while we explain.

  • Tutorials, Demo-Help, and a Ton of Education

There are two-days-worth of helpful, intimate classes being led at BarberCon that are industry-specific, incredibly advanced, and being led by professionals in the industry. We shouldn’t have to explain this one much further.

You’d be gifted the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance your skills at a faster, more intense rate than you’d usually be able to, as well as cover new skills you might never learn had you not attended BarberCon. Check out the full list of classes here.

  • Advice from the Best-of-the-Best

Did we mention that over 50 industry professionals will be talking to you, teaching you, and working directly with you to help you improve your skills? Opportunities like this don’t come around every single day, so when something like this is presented to you, you have to jump on it.  

  • Networking Opportunities

Aside from the amazing things you’ll learn from supremely talented people, you have to remember that you’re going to be at an amazing expo-celebration with top barbers in your field – can you say networking opportunity? This is a great chance to get to know new colleagues, chat, connect, and harvest some collaboration potential.

  • An Amazing Experience

This is as blunt as we could put it. Sure, you’re going to be learning a ton, meeting great people, using new, top-of-the-line products, and learning from high-end professionals in your field, but you’re also just going to have a killer time. It’s not a vacation, technically, but it’s about as fun as a vacation would be --- who says you can’t work and enjoy at the same time, right?

All the BarberCon Deets You Need to Attend

Now that we’ve convinced you (like we need to) that BarberCon is a must-attend event, we’re laying out the need-to-know details right here so you can pick up your tickets and attend without an issue. Check it out.

When: June 9& 10th, 2019  | March 3, 2019

Where: New York City | Los Angeles

Ticket Information: Click here for a direct link to the NYC ticket information. It includes info on 2-day general admission, 1-day general admission, and VIP information as well. Click here for the information on buying your tickets to the 1-day LA event.