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As a super savvy artist in the modern-barbering industry, you probably already know a few things to be wonderfully true about your career—it’s exceptionally cool, wildly creative, and very, very susceptible to trends.

Now, we’re going to tell you something that you’ve probably already figured out (and if you haven’t yet, no worries—better late than never).

No matter how talented you are, relevancy matters.

We said it, and even better, we meant it—you could be the world’s most skilled barber, but if you’re not able to give the people what they want (and most often, what they want is the latest trend), you might not be as successful as you’d like to be.

But there’s no need to panic or run away from your career—all it takes is a little research, a lot of passion, and some help from your favorite barber resource NAOB (Hint: that’s us).

We’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest trends in the barbering world right now—from beard styles and shapes, to fades and fancy dos, we’ve got you covered.

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Barbering is a Lifestyle—Not Just a Haircut

OK, OK, this one isn’t a style you can use on your clients, but understanding this trend is going to be huge in how you work with your clientele and with how you stay up-to-date on the latest trends, styles, and fads in barbering.

As an artist in a modernized industry, it’s vital to realize that as a barber, you’re not just delivering a trim-and-cut-here or a service—you’re offering a lifestyle. Your brand should cater to that and totally comprehend that. Your barbershop is more than scissors and clippers, it’s an experience. The sooner you catch on to that, the better off you’ll be.

Now, let’s get to those actual style trends you’re here for.

Textured Crop is Back

And it’s not the bowl cut you have nightmares about. The textured crop is a big-freakin’-hitter for men this year because it’s fringy, retro, and very (very) cool. If you have a client who has thick, wavy, or curly hair, shine the golden light down on the textured crop. 

Not only does it look awesome (it does, trust us), it’s also super low maintenance. If your client wants to leave it alone and let it be, they totally can. If they want to add a little pomade to it to clean it up, so be it. It’s versatile, in-style, and incredibly easy to rock.

Image courtesy of Instagram: @5ivethestylist

All About that Full Beard

Image courtesy of Instagram: @nurii_b

Often called the manliest of beards, the full beard is back and it’s bigger than ever. Gone are the days of full beards being reserved for lumberjacks and sea captains—now, everyone who’s anyone is rocking a full beard.

The only difference? Well-kept full beards are in (not the scraggly, overgrown, under-trimmed ones you’re probably thinking of). Let your clients know that they don’t need to shave off that sweet stache and beard—encourage the flow to grow! As long as they’re keeping their mustaches and beards trimmed, they’re totally in style.

Taper Fades All Day

You know why taper fades are in? 

Because they’re so versatile—it’s not just one style, rather, the foundation for several different styles (high top styles, comb-over styles, even mohawk or afro styles). Taper fades are a sweet, classic foundation cut that allows your clients to do anything they want with their sweet do.

Don’t be afraid to offer taper fades from low (starting just above the ears and curving around the hairline) to high taper fades (the badass, edgier, near-the-top-of-the-head cut that gives that sweet high-contrast look) only the coolest of cool want to rock. The point is, there are so many styles your clients can rock with taper fades—it’s the sweet foundation that grants them access to any amazing hairstyle.

Images courtesy of Instagram: @trevormoots

Well-Kept Stubble

Stubble isn’t just for those 5 o’clock shadow moments. No sir—now, stubble is totally in style, especially if it’s well-maintained. Whether you want short stubble or something a little lengthier, styling your clients with a nice trim and a good beard shape can help ensure their stubble is growing in in a well-maintained manner.

Obviously, we could talk for hours on end about every trend out there—and even if it’s popular, your clients might not want to try it out (there’s nothing wrong with a tried and true style, right?). The important thing is that you know what’s happening, what’s awesome, and how to make that trend come true for your clients.

Image courtesy of Instagram: @titan_barber

Women's Styles

Are the vast majority of your clients men?

Then you may be missing out on a huge, upcoming wave of women wanting to rock shorter cuts. This isn't necessarily a cut or color trend, rather a movement. So many women today, not just women in this industry either, are looking to change it up. Moms, business women, celebrities, so many women are open to trying a new, shorter do.  

In order to capitalize on this growing trend, make sure your barber shop or suite space is welcoming to both genders. Reevaluate your marketing efforts, are you talking to both men and women? If not, you're missing out on a seriously great opportunity to expand your clientele.

Image courtesy of Instagram: @trimreaper_

Image courtesy of Instagram:

Balbo Beard, Please

Even if you think you don’t know what a Balbo Beard is, trust us, you do. 

And your more bespoke clients, definitely know. If they haven't asked for this trendy beard shape, they probably will soon.

This sporty—but highly fashionable—beard & mustache combo can be found on bad-ass movie stars like Robert Downey Jr. Sure, it requires a little work on your clients part (the bear needs a few weeks to grow in for optimal trimming & there has to be a mustache, of course), but in the end, this hipster-but-professional style is totally worth it.

Image courtesy of Getty Images; Christian Bale

Warn your clients in advance that this beard style requires meticulous maintenance—but hey, that’s just more opportunity for them to stop in and see you for a trim and a shape.

Author: Gianna Michalsen

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