The Ultimate Barber Shop Playlists

Barber Shop Spotify Playlists

You AND Your Clients Will Love Listening To

Music—it’s entertaining, healing, and calming. But did you know that it can help boost your business? That’s right, music especially if it’s a finely curated playlist) can help your barber business in the long run.

According to a psychological study done in 2013, people use music to help them unwind, calm down, and relax—isn’t that exactly what the purpose of your  barber shop or suite is?

It only makes sense that adding in a musical element can draw in more customers, provide them with a better experience, and can even act as a motivating factor for your employees or colleagues, too.

That being said, the same study notes that about 44 percent of customers surveyed said that the wrong music in a business can make them leave. Nearly 38 percent of them said the wrong music (or the wrong volume), could make them want to never come back.

So—that begs the question. What exactly should you be playing in your barber shop or suite to provide your clients with an out-of-this-world experience?

Here’s the thing, every shop is different—the clients are different, the brands are different, and their goals are different. So, there’s never going to be a one-size-fits-all treatment. But there are some rules you can probably abide by—we’ve included some helpful tips below to help you craft your ultimate barber shop playlist!

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Know Your Audience

Deciding on what you’re going to play in your barber shop is going to depend on a few things.

Of course, it’s going to depend on your brand—if you’re a low-key, relaxed brand, you probably wouldn’t channel a club playlist, right? But, it’s also going to depend a lot on what your clients want, too. Knowing your audience—understanding the general age, gender, and personality—can help you to build the ultimate playlists to help better appeal to them.

Keep it Hip for Younger Clients

If you serve a predominantly younger crowd, don’t be afraid to keep your music choices hip! We don’t mean you absolutely have to play the top hits on the radio, but having an awareness of what’s hot and what’s not for your younger crowd will definitely earn you some points.

Throw in a Few Classics

It never hurts to have a classic jam playlist on retainer—we don’t suggest always playing this bad boy, but if you have a fun group of clients in the building who’d love nothing more than to air guitar it up with you in the shop, it never hurts to have a solid playlist to whip out!

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Ask Your Regulars What They Want to Hear

Because you understand the importance of marketing on social media, you probably have accounts on all the platforms necessary—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Sometimes, the best way to go about building a playlist is to directly ask your clients what they’d be interested in hearing. Set up a poll on your social media platforms to ask what they’d want to hear during their visit—then, build accordingly!

No Matter What You Play, Volume Matters

Here’s the deal—you can create the best, most crowd-fitting playlist in the entire world, but if it’s playing at either too low of a volume that you can’t even hear it or it’s too insanely loud, all of your work is for nothing. Just as you’re taking time to finely curate your playlists to fit your barber shop, take the time to test out those playlists and their ideal volumes, too. Do a trial run with your colleagues and take notes about which songs should be louder, softer, or don’t fit your playlist like you initially thought!

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