Barber Insurance Options

The NAOB Details You Need to Know About:

A Quick Policy Summary

If you read that headline about insurance policies and thought —or (gasp!) maybe even said out loud while rolling your eyes—something like “policy schmolicy, everyone knows that every insurance policy is the same” then friend, do we have some news for you.

At the National Association of Barbers (you can call us NAOB), we believe in options—and lots of them.

Why? Because even though every policy option we offer is aimed at serving barbers, we realize that not every barber is the same. Read that again, just for good measure.

In other words, we believe that you deserve choices—especially when it comes to policy terms for barber insurance.

It’s that belief that led us to create an entire lineup of unique insurance policy options for our diverse customer base of badass barbers—from part-time barbering coverage to two-year packages to everything in between.

Don’t get us wrong, each and every one of these policy options is targeted at barbers to cover the unique, distinct risks you deal with on the daily. And, of course, every single one of these policies also includes a very (very) long list of member benefits, which, we suggest you take a gander at when you have the time.

So, start exploring your options. Keep reading to figure out which of NAOB’s insurance policies is the perfect pick for your barbering needs. 

The Policy Lineup: Insurance Policies You Won’t Want to Miss

Part-Time Coverage

At NAOB, we don’t believe in paying for things we don’t need—and we don’t think you should, either. If you’re a part-time barber, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need the same plan as a full-time barber, but somehow, most insurance companies out there will make you pay for the exact same plan as a full-time barber does. You won’t catch us playing that game.

We’ve designed a part-time coverage policy option for the barbers out there who barber as a side hustle, as a passion project, or as a part-time gig. The best part? It’s only $135 per year—AKA, the most affordable part-time coverage available on the market today.

You’ll receive the same $3 million in annual coverage ($2 million per occurrence) as our full-time professional policy and up to 15 hours behind the chair. See what we mean—only pay for what you need!

Monthly Payment Options

Remember when we said we’re all about options? We weren’t kidding. Options are a must if you’re all about flexibility, and nothing is more flexible than our monthly payment plan for our insurance policies. If you’re not down with paying upfront for an entire year of insurance, don’t sweat it—we can still make this thing work.

Our monthly payment option is a flexible plan that’s downright perfect for barbering pros like you who want a little bit of freedom when it comes to payment. We can offer you peace of mind, protection, great benefits, and top-notch coverage for a rate as low as $12.39 per month.

Special Student Packages

Beauty or barber students, we see you. It’s hard to pay for school, learn your craft, and then have to purchase barber insurance. Trust us, we’ve been there, and it can be really tough to shell out for something that doesn’t feel necessary but absolutely is. That’s why we made sure to create a policy especially for you—one with a price that won’t make your knees buckle and plenty of member benefits to elevate your career.

That’s right, we have a student policy package. And it’s only $25 for a full 12 months of coverage (that continues after you graduate). 

We created this program so you could be covered and insured as your career is taking off—it even continues after your graduation!

Our advice? Sign up right before you graduate for an affordable year of coverage as you launch your career. All we need is proof that you’re enrolled in school when you apply!

One Year Package

Our one-year package brings you all the benefits, all the coverage, and all the protection you need at the low, low price of $159 per year! This is one of the most commonly purchased insurance policy packages we offer.

This one-year package is the perfect choice for barbers who are interested in a quick, one-and-done option that offers you a long list of protection (and benefits) for a full 365 days. This plan offers coverage in all 50 states, enacts immediately, and covers over 350+ services!

Two Year Package

Remember everything we just said about our one-year package a second ago? How it covers over 350 services, offers immediate certification and coverage, and works for all 50 states? We thought you might remember. This plan offers the same benefits and coverages, with one substantial difference—the two-year package makes it even easier to stay covered at all times.

That’s right, this package is easier than one-and-done—it’s two years of coverage in the click of a button!

The best part? When you pay for two years, your annual fee drops from $159 to $135. That’s a total of $270 for 730 days of coverage. Not too shabby, right?

Your policy options don’t have to be a one-size-fits-all thing—at least, we don’t think so. When you choose to partner with NAOB, you choose to partner with an insurance company that appreciates your unique career, your specific risks, and importantly, your desire for options.

Check out even more information about all of our insurance policy options right here. Don’t forget, you can reach out to us at any time with questions, policy concerns, inquiries, and more!