Adapting to the Digital Age: Expanding Your Barbershop’s Digital Branding

A barber works on his client's hair while in the chair as he examines the barbershop's digital marketing strategy.

Whether it has been a long-anticipated change or something you’ve repeatedly pushed to the back burner, now is the time to revamp your barbering business. Trust us; we know how daunting this can seem, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. With a bit of guidance, including our deep dives into the steps you should take to enhance your business this year, you can transform your shop for the better.

In a world dominated by social media marketing, it is easy to overlook the other avenues through which you can attract new clients, build relationships with current customers, and spread awareness of your brand. We have already touched on why traditional marketing utilizing physical materials still matters. Now, we want to leap into the digital sphere.

That’s right; your digital branding and marketing can be built beyond everyone’s favorite apps. We’re here to explore the numerous tools you can embrace to expand your digital branding and why this is important.

What is Digital Branding & Why Does it Matter?

Your skill behind the barbering chair and the results you produce are incredibly important. They build relationships, establish your reputation, and can create a successful business based solely on repeat customers and word of mouth. In many ways, you are your own brand, and you realize how crucial it is to be professional and give clients a great experience. It’s a long-term game.

Your digital branding plays by the same rules. It takes time to build a brand that people recognize and trust. Once you have achieved these goals, your digital branding can catapult your business to heights you’ve never imagined.

In short, digital branding is your online presence. It is your:

  • Website
  • Customer reviews
  • Blog
  • Rank on search engines

More importantly, it is your identity and most people’s first impression of your business. Your digital branding can differentiate you from your competitors–for better or for worse.

A curly-haired barber cuts his client's hair as they discuss digital marketing strategy.

Enhance and Expand Your Digital Brand: How to Create an Effective Digital Identity

If you’re ready to start your digital branding journey or expand your current online presence, you’re in the right place. No matter what stage of digital branding level you’re currently in, we’re here to help you continue to progress.

Consistency is Key

This step is multifaceted. Consistency is integral to digital branding success, no matter what you apply it to. The two easiest ways to apply consistency in a way that will reward you in noticeable, sustainable ways are:

  • Regular updates

  • Brand consistency

The first of these is self-explanatory. Your barber shop has consistent hours and standards, so people know when to come in and what to expect. If there was no consistency in terms of scheduling and quality, your business would suffer.

The same is true of your digital branding. You have to be active and adhere to a schedule. Whether you are providing value via blogs or trying your hand at marketing campaigns, remaining consistent sets expectations and increases both your exposure and reputation.

Brand consistency is a bit more nuanced because it requires you to have a coherent concept of what your brand is. Once you have this figured out, however, this step will start to feel natural and organic. Your content, including the words and visuals you utilize in your online presence, should have a consistent theme and tone. This builds your brand and helps form meaningful connections with those who identify with it.

Focus on the Future

With the massive amount of information and analytics available via online branding tools, it can be easy to get caught up in immediate success, short-term ROI, and conversions. While there is some value in this data, it can distract you from the true purpose of digital branding. There is no such thing as an instant brand–creating a recognizable and relatable brand takes time.

Maintaining focus on the future helps you take these short-term results for what they are–a ripple on the surface of a wave. It is in the long-term growth potential of digital branding that the value lies. Remain consistent, focus on the future, and don’t be distracted or discouraged by what happens along the way.

Act Like an Authority

You have dedicated countless hours to your craft, built a business, and committed yourself to being the best barber possible. While there’s always room to learn and grow, it is fair to consider yourself an expert in the barbering industry.

By establishing yourself as an authority via your brand, you can strengthen your reputation, provide people with free value, and build your digital identity. Producing value-based content is one of the most effective strategies to accomplish these things. From videos to written blogs, sharing your expertise with the world–and your target audience–can benefit everyone involved.

Building your barbering brand is an exciting and rewarding process, and we hope our guidance helps you achieve your wildest barbering dreams.

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